College Curriculum Committee

End of Year Report 2011-2012

During this year the College Curriculum established the following procedures for submission and review of new courses, course revisions, and certificate programs:

  • The CCC chair will maintain and update syllabus template material and provide this to all faculty in the college.
  • Those preparing to submit materials to the CCC should meet with a CCC representative from their home department to understand the process and to obtain template material for preparation of materials for submission.
  • Prior to submission the appropriate CCC department representative will review the submission syllabus and UCC form and provide recommendations for revision.
  • The faculty member who prepares the materials and/or the appropriate CCC representative should attend the CCC meeting at which the materials are presented.
  • Materials to be reviewed by the committee must be submitted to the course approval site and approved by the School Director one week prior to the CCC meeting.
  • If approved pending minor revisions, the CCC Chair will communicate these in writing to the faculty member who prepared the submission and the materials should be resubmitted through the course approval site and the CCC chair should be notified.
  • If more substantive revisions are needed the committee will recycle the submission. Reasons why the submission was recycled will be indicated on the website and more detailed feedback will be provided in writing by the CCC chair. The faculty member must make revisions, and resubmit the materials through the course approval website.

Twenty one courses approved during 2011-2012

  • MAE3XXX Content and Methods for Teaching Mathematics
  • EME 6XXX Games and Simulations for Teaching and Learning
  • EME 6XXX Managing Educational Projects
  • EDG 7XXX Professional Development and Teacher Learning
  • LAE 7XXX Literacy, Culture, and Politics
  • EEX 6XXX Intro to E-HCT
  • EEX 6XXX Methods of Integrating Education-HealthCare Transition
  • EEX 6XXX Seminar in Education—HealthCare Transition
  • EEX 6XXX Legal Aspects & Policy in E-HCT
  • MSH 6XXX Introduction to Disaster Mental Health Counseling
  • MSH 6XXX Disaster Mental Health Counseling and Vulnerable Populations
  • MSH 6XXX Traumatic Stress and Mental Health Counseling
  • MSH 6XXX Multicultural Issues in Disaster Mental Health Counseling
  • EME 6XXX Designing and Delivering Online Content
  • EME6XXX Blended Learning Environments
  • EEX6XXX Organization and Life Skills Postsecondary Students with Disabilities
  • EEX6XXX Academic Strategies for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities
  • EEX6XXX Students with Disabilities in Higher Education
  • EEX6XXX Understanding Assessment of Students with Disabilities
  • EDF6XXX Quasi-experimental Design and Analysis in Educational Research
  • TSL 4XXX ESOL Curriculum, Methods, and Assessment

Three certificate programs approved during 2011-2012

  • Certificate Program in Health Care Transition
  • Disaster Mental Health Counseling
  • Postsecondary Learning Support Certificate