Long Range Planning Committee

January 31, 2012 minutes

Members in attendance: Ruth Lowery, Tom Dana, Cynthia Griffin, Tim Jacobbe, Walter Leite, Ana Puig

Members not present: Hazel Jones, Pilar Mendoza

The committee met to review the current survey questions as we plan for this year’s annual evaluations of the Deans Good, Dana and Vernetson. Dean Dana shared his input on the survey questions. Given the feedback we have received from all three deans, the committee determined that the current documents were not very useful in the types of questions being asked and did not clearly delineate purpose. We need to ascertain the purpose of the survey and how the results will be utilized before we can really create a purposeful document.

The deans all expressed that they would welcome useful data that could help them in performing their roles in the college. We further determined that we need immediate feedback from each of the deans in order to clearly delineate questions that relate to their individual work duties, responsibilities and categories. We will contact Paul Sindelar and Dorene Ross to help us gather this information in hopes of getting these responses by February 15th. The committee will meet immediately after to continue working on the surveys. Committee members will search for samples of surveys that have/are being used in other places and we will share this information at our next meeting.

Action Items:

  1. Contact Dorene and Paul about the change in date of when we could like to receive information from the deans. We are moving this up because of the deadline available to administer the survey. The faculty has several other votes coming up at the end of the semester so it is expedient that we try to do this survey in a timely manner.
  2. Ruth and Walter will meet to work on a rough draft of the cover letter. The committee will then communicate via email/Google docs to create a workable document. Once this document is completed, we will send to FPC for approval/discussion before the document is finalized.
  3. Walter will ask Paul about getting the FPC student assistant to work with him for a few hours to input the survey data. Ana also volunteered an assistant from OER.
  4.  Committee members will get sample survey questions of other deans’ evaluations/survey to help us determine the final documents we create for each dean.
  5. Tom will share samples of documents he received from participation in a leadership academy/forum.
  6. The committee will meet again on February 21, 2012 to work on the surveys. The meeting will convene in Room 2411, Norman Hall.