Our Future Evaluators

The Online Masters of Arts program is designed to serve…

New Graduates Seeking a Career

This program is generally attractive to newly graduated bachelor’s students, particularly those with undergraduate degrees in psychology, education, sociology, political science, anthropology, agricultural family, youth, and community sciences, and health education and behavior.

If you have just graduated with a bachelor’s degree this program provides the requisite training for a career in program evaluation in a variety of professional settings, including school districts, organizations conducting research or program evaluations, and other organizations that make data-driven decisions. These organizations may be federal or state agencies, for profit evaluation consulting firms, and local, national, and international based non-profit agencies.

Employed Students Seeking Professional Advancement

The MAE program works well for individuals who are currently employed, but seek professional advancement or a career change through gaining important skills in program evaluation methodology and theory. Skills and knowledge can increase marketability for jobs that involve seeking or writing grants to fund programs or other social initiatives. All of the coursework is offered online, which easily accommodates students who work full time and have busy schedules.