On-Campus Ph.D. Program

Research and Evaluation Methodology

Designed to prepare exceptional and highly qualified researchers and teachers for academic positions, industry and other education settings, methodology consultants for state and private organizations, and evaluators for various grant organizations. Ph.D. students in REM are involved in research projects with faculty from the first year, and are expected to propose and lead the implementation of research projects, present results at conferences, and publish academic papers.

The Ph.D. program is open to students who hold only a bachelor’s degree and to students who have already completed a graduate degree. Students who hold only a bachelor’s degree will be admitted to a M.A.E./Ph.D. combination program, which requires a master’s thesis and a doctoral dissertation. Students who have completed a master’s degree and are admitted directly to the doctoral program must complete a research project that is the equivalent of a master’s thesis.

Subject to the approval of the Research and Evaluation Methodology faculty on the student’s doctoral supervisory committee, a master’s thesis completed at another university can meet the requirement.

The doctoral candidate in Research and Evaluation Methodology is expected to complete a minimum of 90 hours of classes, including a minimum of 20 hours of EDF7980 – Doctoral Research.

The REM Ph.D. program is considered a STEM program. Therefore, international students are allowed three years of optional practical training to obtain research experience once they graduate.

More information about this degree program can be obtained by emailing the program coordinator.