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NSF CAREER grant awarded to the UF College of Education

UF College of Education receives second NSF CAREER grant to create framework for STEM education

Professor Wei Li is the principal investigator of the NSF-funded project that aims to help researchers plan long-term studies in STEM education by making statistical advice, software and training materials available to educators and researchers. Read…
NSF CAREER grant awarded to the UF College of Education

Dr. Shin publishes paper using computational linguistic tools to understand pedagogical discourse in online video lectures in Algebra classes

Despite the proliferation of video-based instruction and its benefits—such as promoting student autonomy and self-paced learning—the complexities of online teaching remain a challenge. To be effective, educators require extensive training…
NSF CAREER grant awarded to the UF College of Education

Dr. Manley receives IES grant to develop measure to evaluate special education teachers' working conditions

The purpose of this project is to develop the Revealing Special Educators' Conditions for Teaching (ReSpECT) measure to evaluate special education teachers' working conditions. Working conditions include teachers' job demands as well as the…
Yiqin Pan

Research Results Shared at the Learning @ Scale Conference in Copenhagen

Dr. Walter Leite will present the latest research results of the Virtual Learning Lab at the Learning @ Scale Conference (L@S2023) in Copenhagen, July 20-22
Yiqin Pan

Dr. Walter Leite Provides Tutorial on Sensitivity Analysis Methods

Dr. Walter Leite will provide a tutorial on sensitivity analysis methods for structural equation modeling at the Modern Modeling Methods Conference, June 26-28, University of Connecticut.
Yiqin Pan

Q & A with Yiqin Pan

Learn about Yiqin Pan's research and how she leverages quantitative methodologies, including artificial intelligence, statistical modeling, and psychometrics, to address applied issues in educational measurement and to optimize the learning process.
David Miller

Q & A with David Miller

David Miller is currently developing assessments of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in higher education, including assessment standards for fair and equitable evaluation.
Wei Li

Q & A with Wei Li

A quantitative researcher, Wei Li's research centers on the development and application of experimental and quasi-experimental methods to address issues in education and policy studies. Read on to learn about Dr. Li's various methodological and applied projects.
Walter Leite

Q & A with Walter Leite

Find out how Walter Leite's research and work aims to answer questions about strengthening causal inference in research using large, non-experimental datasets and detecting clusters of individuals in those datasets.