Research Evaluation Methods

Ph.D. and Masters students at the University of Florida outside of the School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education may obtain a minor in REM with emphasis on quantitative or qualitative methods.

The minor in REM with a quantitative focus adds a strong foundation in research methods, educational statistics, and psychometrics. The minor in REM with a qualitative focus adds a strong foundation in epistemologies, research approaches, and data collection and analysis methods suitable for qualitative inquiry. To obtain a minor in REM, doctoral and masters students are required to collaborate in research with a REM faculty member, have this faculty member serve in their doctoral or thesis committee, and complete a set of REM courses.  The required research collaboration with a REM faculty member may take the form of the writing and submission of an academic paper for publication, with either the student or the REM faculty member as lead author. The specific details of the collaboration should be negotiated with the REM faculty mentor supervising the REM minor. Students should consult with their REM faculty mentor about the optimal sequence of courses to match their research interests and experiences.

More information about this minor can be obtained by emailing the program coordinator.