UF Research Foundation Professors

Year 2010 to 2020

Faculty Member
Research Focus
2020 Anne Corinne Huggins-Manley Educational measurement; validity and fairness; differential item functioning; population invariance of equating
2019 Ester de Jong Examining how to create equitable learning opportunities for bilingual learners through integrated, inclusive schools and dual language education; and how to prepare primary and secondary teachers to work with bilingual learners
2018 Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko Learning and teaching in complex and interactive technology-enhanced learning environments, which integrate technology to organize learning activities into meaningful and relevant contexts; conceptual, methodological, and empirical foundations for the use of neuroscience methods and tools in the study of learning
2017 John Kranzler Studying the nature, interpretation, and integrity of intelligence quotient (IQ) tests; investigating the validity of innovative practices involving the interpretation and use of the results of IQ tests; exploring how to better use IQ tests to identify children with specific learning disabilities
2016 Albert Ritzhaupt Design, development, use, and evaluation of technology-enhanced learning environments; teaching practices in technology-oriented curriculum; technology integration in education
2015 Walter Leite Developing and evaluating statistical methods to strengthen causal inference and understanding of causal mechanisms using non-experimental data
2014 David Therriault Representation of text in memory, comprehending time and space in language, the link between attention and intelligence, the use of perceptual symbols in language, problem solving in engineering, and educational issues related to these topics
2013 Kara Dawson Understanding the influence of educational technologies on teaching and learning within the contexts of K-12 education and online post-secondary environments
2012 Nancy Dana Practitioner research as a professional development strategy
2011 Cynthia Griffin Intervention research with a focus on elementary school mathematics; the influence of teacher knowledge and classroom practices on student achievement
2010 Mirka Koro-Ljungberg Theoretical, methodological, and analytical developments of critical and post-positivist movements in educational research

Year 1997 to 2009

Faculty Member
Research Focus
2009 Sevan Terzian History of the American high school; history of science, gender, and education in the postwar era
2008 Richard Ferdig Data collection, teaching tools, and teacher preparation for virtual schools
2007 Stephen Smith Understanding students with emotional and behavioral disorders; effective behavioral prevention strategies in educational settings
2006 R. Craig Wood Financing public education; intersection of education finance policy and constitutional law
2005 Zhihui Fang Emergent and content area literacy; functional linguistics; language demands of disciplinary reading and writing
2004 Thomas Oakland Educational psychology; age and gender differences in the development of temperament
2003 Elizabeth Bondy Teaching and learning to teach in high poverty schools
2002 Paul Sindelar Change in the special education teacher labor market and its implications for policy makers and teacher educators
2001 James Algina Improving educational research and assessment by enhancing the effectiveness of quantitative research methods used in these areas
2000 Stephen Smith Understanding students with emotional and behavioral disorders; effective behavioral prevention strategies in educational settings
1999 Mary Brownell Special and general education teachers’ preparation and abilities to teach students with disabilities
1998 M. David Miller Educational assessment, psychometrics, and evaluation
1997 John Kranzler Nature, development, and assessment of human cognitive abilities;  psychoeducational assessment