The Office of Student Services provides support to UF students in the following areas:  undergraduate academic advising for Education majors and minors, graduate program advising, Florida educator certification advising, scholarship information, student organization advising, and student teaching placement.

Academic Advising

Current and prospective students may contact our office for information about undergraduate majors/minors and graduate programs available in the College of Education.  Applications for admission to the undergraduate majors and applications to add a minor are processed in this office.

Student Teaching/Internships

Student Services coordinates the placement of student teachers and school counselors from all teacher education programs at UF, including programs from the colleges of Agricultural and Life Sciences and Fine Arts. Application materials are processed, and contacts with public school districts in Florida are made and monitored for student teaching/internship completion.

Graduation Clearance

At the end of each term, candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Education are presented to the faculty and the dean for approval with any distinguishing honors. Student Services staff are responsible for coordinating award of the BAE, and verification of completion of minors offered by the College.


The Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the Office of Student Services is the UF teacher certification officer. At the direction of the Associate Dean, the University Registrar places a statement on the transcripts of graduates verifying completion of an NCATE and State-approved program for teachers, school guidance counselors, school psychologists, including and graduates from the affiliated colleges of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and Fine Arts.


Student Services coordinates the COE scholarship application process. Potential scholarship applicants may seek information about College scholarships and apply for scholarships in Student Services.


Student Services
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Location: 618 SW 12th Street
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