An anger management through social problem solving curriculum for 6-8th grade students

Take CHARGE provides teachers a means of helping middle/jr high school students address many of Take Charge: an Anger Management Curriculum (book cover)the social challenges that are part of the critical developmental transition from childhood to adulthood. It is designed to help them become self-reliant and use a constructive approach to situations that may produce strong emotions, such as anger and frustration, rather than acting impulsively. Take CHARGE provides students with concepts and skills that enable them to be proactive social problem solvers.

This 26-lesson curriculum is teacher friendly and self-contained, and consists of lessons about recognizing frustration and anger, calming down and engaging cognition, and working through the steps of social problem solving, such as generating alternative solutions and evaluating outcomes. Take CHARGE also helps middle/jr. high school students to practice learned skills through booster lessons that specifically focus on generalizing the concepts and skills learned in class to situations the students encounter in their own lives.


Samples in PDF format:

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Student Worksheet
Power Practice