Gregory Taylor, Ph.D. (Teaching Faculty, Florida State University)

Gregory Taylor Gregory Taylor, Ph.D.
Gregory possess a unique combination of education and experience across a spectrum of settings lending insight into the practical application of evidence based approaches for students with high incidence disabilities. The blend of over a decade of work experience in urban settings as a group home teaching parent, high school teacher, and district teacher coach, as well as academic experiences as a graduate fellow, research assistant, and instructor equips him to help prepare the next generation of teachers and scholars. Since graduation from UF in 2012, Greg served as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for two and a half years then moved back to Florida where he currently serves as the Program Leader for Special Education as a member of the Teaching Faculty at Florida State University. Greg’s research interests include developing approaches that assist students with EBD to improve academic and social outcomes with an emphasis on intra and interpersonal communication, emotional regulation, and social problem solving. Greg explores emerging technologies that may assist with the innovation of new approaches in emotional regulation, self-monitoring, and independent functioning (e.g., Apple Watch, biofeedback) as well as teacher education research focusing on innovative and promising instructional strategies (e.g., blended instruction, competency based instruction, electronic badges, team-based learning) to prepare pre-service general and special educators to serve the needs of a diverse student population.