Pamela Chalfant (Early Learning Initiatives Manager, University of Florida)

Pamela Chalfant Pamela Chalfant, Ph.D. is the Early Learning Initiatives Manager at the Lastinger Center for Learning in the College of Education at the University of Florida, Gainesville.  Dr. Chalfant’s research focuses on early literacy and language interventions and the prevention of reading difficulties through teacher education.  She has conducted studies on effective teacher professional development and supporting oral language development of at-risk kindergarten students through teacher-student interactions.  Professor Chalfant was awarded the Fien Dissertation Award for her dissertation entitled: Teacher Professional Development and Storybook Reading: Supporting Oral Language Development. Prior to pursuing her studies at UF, Dr. Chalfant spent nearly 20 years teaching children with diverse needs in the preschool and primary grades.  She has also worked to develop and implement a curriculum that imbeds social/emotional learning in literacy instruction for kindergarten and first grade students at risk for behavioral disorders.  Her work has been presented at state, national and international professional conferences. She is currently working to develop blended online learning courses focused on cognitive and behavioral approaches to learning for early learning professionals across the state of Florida.