Ph.D. Program of Study

Our program of study, outlined below, is designed to provide a strong foundational knowledge in Curriculum and Instruction (our degree); Teachers, Schools, and Society (our program area focus); a specialization of the student’s choosing; and research. While programs of study are designed for individual students, we have three areas of specialization within our program grounded in three core courses all TSS Ph.D. students will take. The three areas of specialization are: (1) Critical Studies in Race, Ethnicity, and Culture, (2) Social Foundations, and (3) Teacher Education Scholarship and Practice. The three core courses are: (1) History of Education (EDF 6520), (2) Critical Pedagogy (EDG 7224), and (3) Perspectives in Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Education (EDG 7252). Program area core courses and specialization area courses are summarized in the chart below:

Teachers, Schools, and Society Core Courses:

History of Education (EDF 6520)

Critical Pedagogy (EDG 7224)

Perspectives in Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Education (EDG 7252)


Social Foundations of Specialization Courses

Critical Studies in Race, Ethnicity, and Culture Specialization Courses

Teacher Education Scholarship & Practice Specialization Courses

Philosophy of Education

Comparative Education

Seminar in Social Foundations

Schooling and Marginalization of Students

Theorizing Race and Racism in Educational Research

Critical Race Theory in Educational Research

Research in Teacher Education

Teacher Education Program Design and Supervision

Professional Development and Teacher Learning

Practitioner Research: Theory and Practice

Below is a suggested course sequence for PhD studies. Students can also take additional electives, specialization courses, courses from other specializations, and/or research courses during the summer. For students who have summer tuition waivers, summer is open to add additional coursework to what is suggested below.

Qualifying Exams/Proposal (9)

Dissertation (variable credits)

Dissertation (variable credits)

Fall 1

Spring 1

Foundations of Research in Curriculum and Instruction (3))

History of Education (3)*)

Critical Pedagogy (3)

Perspectives in Curriculum, Teaching, and

Teacher Education (3)*

Research Course I (3)

Specialization Course I (3)

Fall 2

Spring 2

Research Course II (3)

Specialization Course II (3)

Specialization/Elective/Research (3)

Research Course III (3)

Specialization Course III (3)

Specialization/Elective/Research (3)

Fall 3

Spring 3

Research Course IV (3)

Specialization/Elective/Research (3)

Specialization/Elective/Research (3)

Qualifying Exams/Proposal (9)

Fall 4

Spring 4

Dissertation (variable credits)

Dissertation (variable credits)