24 July, 2001 FPC Meeting Minutes Provost Colburn’s Visit RE: Dean’s Search

Dr. Stephen. Smith opened the meeting by welcoming Provost David Colburn to the College of Education and asking Dr. Colburn to address the issue of the Dean’s search for the academic year 2001-2002.  Dr. Smith asked the session be conducted as an informal question and answer session with the Provost.

Dr. Colburn thanked the faculty for inviting him to speak to them about the search process and invited questions from the faculty.  Faculty asked questions related to the make-up of the search committee, the procedures for selecting members to the committee, the process, and timelines for the search, and the Provost’s expectations for a new Dean.  In regards to the search, Dr. Colburn shared the following thoughts:

  • receptive to the idea of appointing a COE faculty member to serve as Chair of the search committee
  • wants COE faculty to nominate search committee members with his decision by early fall semester.
  • anticipates the committee will develop position announcement, supports the idea of adding the qualification, “a commitment to faculty governance”, in the advertisement.
  • does not have a fixed view of the composition of the committee, but expects the majority to be COE faculty.  Other search committee members might include a Dean from another college, an Associate Provost, and/or a member of the community (possibly the school district).
  • discourages the nomination of junior faculty to the search committee
  • encourages our diligence in recruitment, suggests putting together a strong packet of COE materials for the candidates
  • will consider advertising the Dean’s position as “remain open until filled”, giving us more flexibility during the search process.
  • is not inclined to hire a “search firm” for the Dean’s position
  • anticipates that committee will submit top three candidates (unranked) for consideration.  He intends to meet with the search committee to discuss the strengths of each of the candidates