7 March, 2005 FPC Meeting Minutes

DRAFT 3/7/05

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
March 7, 2005
Room 158, Norman Hall

Members Present: Ellen Amatea, Dale Campbell, Maureen Conroy, Hazel Jones, Ester deJong, Linda Lamme, Tracy Linderholm, Terry Scott

Members Absent: Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Larry Tyree

Others Present: Dean Catherine Emihovich

Conroy called the meeting to order at 2:12 p.m.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for March 7, 2005

Amatea motioned to approve the agenda. Linderholm seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the agenda.

2. Approval of the minutes of the February 21, 2005 meeting

Tyree motioned to approve the February 21, 2005 minutes as submitted. Amatea seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the minutes.


1. FPC Agenda Committee Meeting – March 14, 2005
Conroy reminded those present that the next agenda committee meeting will be on March 14. Members can send agenda suggestions to her, Tyree, or Jones.
2. Faculty Meeting – April 18, 2005
Conroy will contact faculty by March 18 regarding agenda items.
3. Scholarship of Engagement Awards – Nominations due March 7, 2005
The Scholarship of Engagement award nominations are due March 7.

Report from the Dean

Dean Emihovich reported that three more faculty searches were coming to a close.

Dean Emihovich also reported on the ongoing process of strategic planning. She expects the four strategic planning task forces that form this year to continue on till next year. She has already appointed the co-chairs of each task force but membership is open to all faculty, staff, and students. There is also a professional staff member assigned to each task force to provide support. Although there is no compensation for participation, if there are certain people who make extra effort, Dean Emihovich has asked the chairs to notify her so that she can provide some extra travel money and perks. The task force Internet sites should make the work of the task force fairly transparent.

The agenda was amended to discuss action items while the Dean is present today.

Action Items

1. FBA Recommendation for Tenure Probationary Period

Conroy forwarded information on the tenure committee charge and recommendation by email to FPC members. deJong reported on the input gathered from faculty. It seemed that faculty felt comfortable with the six-year probationary period as long as there are exceptions for extenuating circumstances. This is the unanimous recommendation of the Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee.

Dean Emihovich commented that the College does not expect new faculty members to receive big grants early in their careers. New faculty members are expected to work on grants and apply for funding, and perhaps get some smaller grants. The expectation is that more senior faculty members will be getting large grants.

Conroy asked for a vote. The FPC unanimously decided to accept the faculty and budgetary affairs committee recommendation to create a six-year probation policy with exceptions as needed.

Dean Emihovich left the meeting.

Committee Reports

1. College Curriculum Committee: Jones reported that the committee did not meet, and will not meet until mid-March.
2. Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee: deJong reported that the committee is discussing the qualifications for lecturers. Some questions they are posing are beyond the scope of the committee and will eventually need to be answered by administration. For example, what does scholarship mean for a lecturer? Once they get feedback on these questions, the committee plans to put together a draft form of promotion guidelines for lecturers. Originally the charge was to look at lecturers and scholars, but they are postponing the discussion of scholar qualifications till later.
3. Lectures, Seminars, & Awards Committee: Amatea reported that the committee is formulating a proposal for a graduate teaching award. The committee has also been invited to put together a speaker series for the centennial.
4. Long Range Planning Committee: Lamme reported that the committee is working to get a member of the long-range planning committee on each of the strategic planning task force committees to establish a faculty governance role in strategic planning.
5. Research Advisory Committee: Koro-Ljungberg was absent. Conroy reported that the committee is reviewing applications for the B.O. Smith professorship awards and will make recommendations. They are also in the process of reviewing a dissertation award proposal. There may be a dissertation award for this spring.
6. Student Recruitment, Admissions, & Petitions Committee: Linderholm reported the committee met this morning to rank order the alumni fellowship applications.
7. Technology Committee: Scott reported that the committee has not met.

Report from the Faculty Senate

Amatea reported on proposed constitutional changes and provided a handout on the potential changes. For example, the senate has recommended reducing faculty members required for a full panel hearing. The athletic coordinator also presented at the senate meeting. He explained how the whole athletic program is supported by separate, non-university funds.

Campbell asked about a recent court ruling that might affect the union. Since Amatea had not heard she plans to ask about it.

Discussion Items

Linderholm asked about the May 2, 2005 FPC meeting, which is after the end of the school year. Conroy responded that the FPC members who continue on the FPC should attend that meeting, which is the first meeting of the new FPC. Those who are exiting do not need to attend

Conroy asked for a motion to adjourn. Jones motioned to adjourn. Amatea seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the motion to adjourn at 2:45 pm.