7 November, 2005 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
November 7, 2005

Members Present: Ellen Amatea, Elizabeth Bondy, Mary Ann Clark, Ester de Jong, Cyndy Griffin, Dave Honeyman, Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm, Rod Webb

Members Absent: Mary Brownell, Holly Lane, Kathy Gratto

Others Present: Jeri Benson

Meeting called to order at 2:03 pm.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for November 7, 2005
Griffin moved to approve the agenda. Amatea seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the agenda.
2. Approval of the minutes from the October 12, 2005 meeting
Correction made to Chair of Technology Committee: Dawn-Elise Snipes, chair (not Trace Choulat). The FPC unanimously approved the minutes as corrected.


1. Upcoming Meetings
Agenda Committee meetings are scheduled for Nov. 21, 2005 and Dec. 19, 2005. FPC meeting on November 21, 2005 is cancelled.

Dean’s Report (Jeri Benson)

1. Speakers at College of Education

a. Robert Jimenez – January
b. Gloria Ladson-Billings – February
c. Luis Moll – March

2. Academic Learning Compact
Purpose: To evaluate quality of undergraduate programs (elementary education, special education / early childhood education)
Plan: To use Educator Assessment System and other means to measure quality of the two undergraduate programs

3. US News and World Report Data

4. Annual NCATE Report

5. Tenure and Promotion files being reviewed

6. Review of all EAS tasks in the system for clarity
How clearly are the tasks written and are they tied to the indicators? Are achievement levels well defined?

7. Working on the 17 separate budgets in COE

Committee Reports

1. CCC
Held a September meeting and sent two proposals to UCC
October meeting cancelled due to lack of business; will meet Nov. 21

2. Faculty and Budget Affairs
Created ad hoc committee to consider guidelines for promotion of lecturers and scholars to be presented at end of this academic year
Faculty load issues – what is meant by “instruction”? “service”? “scholarship”? Will develop definitions and present to FPC.

3. Lectures, Seminars, & Awards
Dissertation Advising and Mentoring award process in place
Graduate Professor Teaching Award – proposal coming to 12/5/05 FPC meeting.

4. Long-Range Planning
Working with Catherine on deans’ evaluation survey. Catherine will provide feedback on individual items. Linda Haagedorn will report on systems she has used to evaluate administrators. College of Dentistry uses an on-line survey that will be reviewed. Looking at state statute related to provost’s evaluation of deans
to see what the focus is. Also, the committee will review COE climate data from UF Climate survey.
How to improve collaboration with PK Yonge – will have Fran meet with the committee.
Will meet on 12/1/05.

5. Research Advisory Committee
No report – working with the OER on retreats and action plans

6. Student Recruitment
Recruitment of graduate students – have developed list of resources each department wants to improve its recruitment. Jeri recommended using department Foundations accounts. Also, she recommended sending tech-related requests (i.e., improving department websites) to Trace Choulat The FPC addressed a concern about COE support for graduate student recruitment. The student recruitment committee will develop a proposal along these lines. . Will invite Trace to 12/5/05 FPC meeting.
The committee is also examining what other programs do regarding recruiting.
Getting feedback about strengths and weaknesses of the COE website from current graduate students.

7. Technology
Dawn-Elise Snipes, chair
Reviewed what was done last year
Had Trace review COE’s challenges. A main issue has been the piecemeal manner of the technology development in the COE.

Discussion Items

1. COE Tenure and Promotion Guidelines
Need to be sure our guidelines are aligned with those of UF and define the values of our college. The current COE T&P committee will provide recommendations to Jeri regarding meaning of key concepts such as “distinction” in the area of research. The recommendations from the T&P committee will then go to Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee.

Report from Faculty Senate

Should go to COE and PKY faculty. Cyndy will send this reminder to all COE faculty senators.
Honeyman makes motion to adjourn. Clark seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.