14 January, 2008 FPC Meeting Minutes

College of Education (COE)
Draft Abbreviated Faculty Policy Council Minutes
January 14, 2008

Members Present: Jean Crockett, Rick Ferdig, David Miller, Edil Torres-Rivera, Elizabeth Yeager, Sondra Smith, Diane Ryndak, David Quinn, John Kranzler, Bernie Oliver, Stephen Pape

Members absent: Ruth Lowery

Non-Members Present: Dean Catherine Emihovich, Thomasenia Adams, Tom Dana, Jade Coutts, Tom Dana, Luis Ponjuan, Ester de Jong

Meeting began at 2:04 pm.

Yeager asked for a motion to approve the agenda. The motion was approved and seconded. The agenda was unanimously approved.

Yeager motioned to approve the abbreviated version of the December 10, 2007 FPC meeting minutes. The motion was approved and seconded. The abbreviated minutes were unanimously approved.

Action Items

COE Tenure and Promotion Committee (Elizabeth Yeager): Since 2005, the senate has required that the faculty elect half of the composition and the other half be appointed by the Dean. We need a more systematic way of getting elected/appointed and to have some sense of the staggered terms. This matter needs to be decided before elections in late spring. An ad-hoc committee was proposed and Elizabeth Yeager, David Miller, and John Kranzler all volunteered to serve.
COE Tenure and Promotion Criteria (Luis Ponjuan and Ester de Jong): The committee was comprised of tenure ranked and department. It has been over a year that the document was reviewed. The document identifies what criteria are looked at when reviewing tenure packets. The FPC unanimously approved the document.
COE Policy on the GRE (Thomasenia Adams): University policy no longer uses the 1000 language for the GRE requirements. It has been decided that the GRE cannot be the only criteria for rejecting an applicant. The FPC is being asked if the college wants a college wide standard. John Kranzler is working on a revised version of the wording for the college policy. The discussion ended before a motion was approved.

Dean’s Report (Dean Emihovich)

• PECO list is almost done so faculty and others can help plan renovations for the building. We are expected to take another cut but the college is not sure how much or how it will impact. Summer school cut is one idea for a plan. For
faculty, the cut means they need to think about developing distance education courses to get summer monies. Cut will happen this year but it will be deferred until next year. Additionally, Tom Dana was hired as the associate dean.

Discussion Items

UF Alliance (Bernie Oliver): A copy of the document was sent out and the focus is on outreach in low performing schools. The alliance is trying to bond with schools and provide resources for success. Please contact Bernie if you have questions or if you are interested in participating. There is some money for travel and the schools are in Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando.
Shared Governance and PKY (David Miller): The task force is doing a report and using a survey from last year. There was some concern that PKY was not on the list for shared governance.

Committee Reports

Curriculum (Rick Ferdig): The committee has had a few meetings; there is nothing new to report.
Budgetary (Sondra Smith): Currently looking at faculty participation. They have not met yet but the next meeting is scheduled. The current budget practice data is being collected although no policies have been made.
Faculty Affairs (John Kranzler): The committee met in December and discussed the criteria for sabbatical. There is a plan to continue in February.
Lectures, Seminars, and Awards (Ruth Lowery): No report.
Distance Education (David Quinn): No meeting yet.
Research Advisory (Diane Ryndak): The committee has reviewed applications.
Shared Governance (David Miller): Nothing new to report.
Technology (Edil Torres-Rivera): No meeting yet.

UF Faculty Senate Report (Jean Crockett)

• A financial group has been hired to assist the president on budgetary matters for the University. The Senate is currently revising the constitution to update the terminology used within the document.

**Meeting adjourned at 3:53 pm **
**Next Meeting: February 11, 2008 at 2pm**