9 November, 2009 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council
Abbreviated Minutes
November 9, 2009

Present: Tina Smith-Bonahue, Troy Sadler, Catherine Cavanaugh, Cynthia Griffin, Harry Daniels, David Therriault, Alyson Adams, Tom Dana, Catherine Emihovich, Cirecie West-Olatunji, Mary Brownell, Thomas Oakland, Anne Ogg
Not Present: David Miller, James Algina,
Agenda and minutes

  1. Approval of the agenda
    Adams motioned to approve
    David seconded
    All agreed
  2. Approval of October 12 minutes
    Cathy motioned to approve
    Troy seconded
    All agreed


  1. Tom Dana monthly update on NCATE – program visits will be in Feb, finalizing documents. Department approves the program, NCATE approves the unit as a whole.
    Activity now – getting everyone on the same page.
    a. Series of 15-20 minute presentations – different parts of NCATE expectations, invite people to present, sometime in January we need to get faculty together to discuss some of the parameters
    b. Focus on candidate performance, measured in terms of their impact on learner
    Determined through formal means – ability to assess students, collect data, after intervention
  2. Dean:
    a. International Educator Awards – Edil Torres Riveras senior level award, Cirecie West-Olatunji, junior level award – will be honored at a reception next week.
    b. Faculty colloquium Monday, Nov 16, 11am-1pm– for faculty interested in internationalizing the curriculum. Wednesday, Nov 18, international day celebration with Dean Sammons (new dean of International Center) as the speaker.
    Faculty panel in place to discuss what they are engaged in, push to get more involved in international activities

Dean’s Report

Budget – no additional information, State and University continue to be in a holding pattern, offshore drilling leases, if they are approved by the legislature, will change the budget picture substantially, no RCM budget yet – discussion on how that will be implemented, and there has been another change in how the budget will be put together.

Searches – all positions have been posted except HDOS director, working with search committee on refining the position description and hope to get it posted next week.
Assoc Dean for Research – working out the details with Productivity Rankings group and RAC on November 19 to get their sense on what kind of person we need, and how the search ought to proceed.
No update on union negotiations with administration.
Innovation grant meetings with Dr. Sandy Cho – next step, joint meeting of all participants – discuss some commonalities Dr. Cho saw in some of the proposals.

Development – will exceed second campaign of 20 million – target will move. Most of the money is earmarked for special programs. Some is tied up in bequests so it may not be immediately visible, but shows support.

US News rankings – asked for faculty feedback, none yet…needed to send in to contribute to the rankings. This is an opportunity to add to the information, to let them know whether or not we think we have the top programs.
Second round of renovations begin in the spring. First round furniture will be in by Thanksgiving. All first round of faculty moves completed by Dec 22.

State level – Last year, Senator Evelyn Lynn, who controls appropriations – SUS Colleges of Education – asked what are we doing to improve education in the state of Florida – last year she asked for a coordinated statewide

plan – who is doing what, where – Deans did not respond – not clear what she wanted. She has brought it up again. This time we will respond; how we articulate our role, vis-à-vis the community colleges. We think she is interested in teacher production. We are trying to give her the bigger picture. We are trying to get her and legislature to realize the broad role that colleges of ed play.

Informational items

  1. Status of FPC Resolution
    Presented to faculty senate steering committee – generally well respected, some questions – word choice questioned by legal counsel, expediency and exigency – refer the committee to the academic policy council – subcommittee of the faculty senate to look at the way we use the words, will be submitted to but general tone was positive.
  2. Discussion about the RCM model
    Faculty senate has a budgetary affairs committee – working with CFO to come up with RCM model

Discussion items

  1. Rank and Productivity Task Force
    Identified top ten colleges of education and developed guiding questions. Information collected will be available on a website available to interested persons.

Committee Reports

a. Budgetary Affairs – Cyndy Griffin
Nancy Waldron has nothing to report – needs to get back to the committee about scheduling a meeting with chairs – will do in November

b. College Curriculum Committee – Tina Smith-Bonahue
University has not publicized change. Special topic courses need to be formalized

c. Diversity Committee – David Miller
Absent – David has a class at the time of the FPC meeting.

d. Faculty Affairs Committee – Alyson Adams
No decision about FEO’s because they are not allowed
Two main topics – define clinical professor, promotion criteria, and college ecology.
Holly was tasked to find names of consultants.
After much discussion, a motion was made to formalize the charge for FAC to pursue the study with the faculty, investigate getting a consultant to assist with the study the ecology of the college and the formulation of a strategic plan to move forward, and report back to FPC with its findings and the potential cost for such a consultant. Subsequent addition to the motion was to be sure language is clear when talking with the consultants. FAC will report back at the December 14 meeting.
Cathy made the motion
Seconded by Cyndy

e. Lectures, Seminars, and Awards Committee – Tom Oakland
Six nominees considered for the dissertation award.
Committee will discuss its role in the selection of lecturers at the College.

f. Research Advisory Committee – Troy Sadler
Recommended approval to eliminate edf 7639 as a required course
Research requirements for the EdD program allow for substitutions
Faculty involved supported the move (read the request)

The College’s current research requirement is appropriately aligned with the research doctorate but not the professional practice doctorate. The request regarding the research requirement for professional doctorate programs awarded via the EdD is a follows:
1. Adhere to the current 12-credit research minimum with acknowledgement that any program may require additional research credits
2. Allow students the following option (set of 4 courses) to satisfy the minimum research requirement:
a. Quant 1: Foundations of Research Methodology for Practicing Professionals I (3 credits)
b. Quant 2: Foundations of Research Methodology for Practicing Professionals II (3 credits)
c.Reading, Designing and Conducting Qualitative Research (3 credits)
d. Program specific course (3 credits)
The first three courses are relatively new courses developed by Research Methodology faculty. It is expected that the courses will be vetted for college and university approval in the near future.

One abstained, the rest of the committee voted to accept the motion from RAC’s report. Tina will send the recommendation to John Kranzler.

A suggestion was made for RAC to focus on what is meant by the need for support for infrastructure. A summary will be provided in the year-end report.

g. Technology & Distance Education Committee – Cathy Cavanaugh
Responded to request from faculty for systems for web conferences that are available.
Updated computer policy for students may include a social media section.

Action items

  1. None

Cirecie moved to adjourn
Thomas seconded

Next meeting: Monday, December 14, 2009 at 2pm