14 December, 2009 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council
December 14, 2009

Present: Tina Smith-Bonahue, Troy Sadler, Cynthia Griffin, Harry Daniels, Alyson Adams, Cirecie West-Olatunji, Mary Brownell, James Algina, Thomas Oakland, David Miller, Catherine Emihovich, Tom Dana, Anne Ogg
Not Present: Catherine Cavanaugh, David Therriault
Agenda and minutes

1. Approval of the agenda
Tom Oakland moved, Jamie seconded
2. Approval of November 9 minutes
Alyson moved, Tina seconded

Dean’s Report
It appears the state budget is stabilizing, somewhat. At the University level, RCM budget about to be rolled out; they are still working on it. When I get what appears to be the final version, I’ll meet with BAC about moving forward, allocations in the future. There are some important decisions where BAC plays an important role such as how we want to think about cost shifting, people on state lines to non recurring moneys, people on annual contracts; how do we want to create salary savings, tuition return money and IDC money, whether it is to support college-wide goals, or not.

I want to pass out a poster that is going to be in the Chronicle Jan 8. President Machen is being aggressive about this because UF has gone through 3 years of budget reductions, while other universities remain struggling, haven’t done hard decisions about thinking about reducing budgets and layoffs, UF has already gone through this. Also, UF will get substantial revenue base with tuition increase, partly because tuition was low to begin with, and we now have the legislature approval to raise tuition. Other universities don’t have this option because their tuition is already high to begin with. President Machen wants us to be aggressive about seeking out new faculty.

How we are funding the positions in College of Ed:
• STEM – funded by tuition differential, positions bid by Deans to get permission for new lines from administration
• Alliance – funded by Provost money – independent of college budget
• Early Childhood Studies – funded by the Director’s decision in each of the schools from ops money – will be covered by ops and expense – could be a number of things, tuition return $, salary savings, IDC, decision made internally, freed up money for a faculty hire
• Teacher Ed and Professional Development – half money funded by Lastinger Center, co-sharing the position
• Ed Tech- vacated line we are allowed to keep
• Director of HDOS – vacated line we are able to keep

We’ve hired a senior development director, Matt Hodge, formerly VP for advancement Seminole Community College. He will head up the entire Development office. He raised 11M for buildings at SCC. We want to do renovations to Norman Hall, build an Experiential Learning Complex for teaching and learning in the 21st century, and an early childhood center, his expertise in that kind of fundraising is valuable. Half of his salary is paid out of foundation, half out of what we raise. He is expected to raise 1M a year. Nakita has done a good job but Matt is a senior position, good mentor.

Money for Summer AC is now a separate allocation, but as of July 1, money for summer B and C has to be carved out of budget we receive. In the past we get allocation from Provost and separate allocation for the summer. That will no longer be the case. Summer will be carved out of the entire moneys we receive. July 1, I’ll know what my RCM Budget is. There is a Union issue about summer pay. Minimum will be $5000, and could float up 12.5 % of faculty salary’s nine month salary. Will involve careful planning of directors and faculty because Summer will have to pay for itself. If a faculty member wants to teach a course that is important to take, and the enrollment is low, the school will have to balance that against the revenue from another part of the college in order to be able to afford that. It is going to be different, and require planning.

Tom Dana: NCATE update

National accreditation and State program approval, important because it gives us the ability to offer programs that lead to certification in the State of Florida. NCATE institutional Report went to the committee, part of the offsite review, we’ll get a feedback report, we can produce a rejoinder so that the onsite visit is focused. We think we are OK in most areas. We don’t have the data from all of the programs. Those reports must be complete by each program area; we are submitting by the end of this week. Share reports with all faculty in the program. Have faculty sign off on reports, and chair will sign off. Elayne, Theresa and I will review the reports and send them on. Time for program to personalize so that people are aware of the names of forms we use. Feb 7-9- onsite visit. We are asking folks to reserve Monday the 7th for interviews.

Old Business

1. Status of FPC Resolution
Hopefully have something to report in January 2010

New Business
Discussion items

1. Tenure and Promotion Procedures Review
Charge to FAC:
Review College T & P document with special look at the inclusion of letters and statements about specific details about performance, striking a balance between hopefulness and candor, and 3rd year review policy, College’s mentoring policy, to provide to FPC any consideration for change or modification.

2. Deans’ Evaluations
Action item at January 2010 meeting to move the evaluation up so it is underway during the spring semester

3. Productivity Task Force –Mary and Cyndy

• Notes from meeting with Deborah Ball, Dean of UMichigan will be posted online.
• Next task force meeting January 14, 2010, 12:00 pm.
• Completed document to include strategic plan for improving research
• Positioned as a priority for the College
• Discussions on funding the position to continue
• Cyndy to ask Dorene to resend the meeting date so that others can attend, i.e. Harry, Catherine
• Correct the acronym for SHDOSE in Associate Dean for Research position

4. Committee Reports
a. Budgetary Affairs – Cyndy Griffin

• BAC to make contact with the Dean so that RCM can start planning for next fiscal year, include the chairs in the meeting
• Make request from CFO office for Professional development for BAC to understand RCM

b. College Curriculum Committee – Tina Smith-Bonahue
Status quo
c. Diversity Committee – David Miller

• Looking up a past FPC policy about diversity to review
• Talking about a survey to faculty and students about diversity climate in the college
• Locating funds for a speaker on diversity.

d. Faculty Affairs Committee – Alyson Adams

• There is consensus for an external consultant.
• Ongoing investigative work on who that consultant might be.
• Next meeting is Jan 5, 11:00am in room 105
• Additionally, FAC has sabbaticals, FEO’s are on hold from the fall, but hope this will open up, define the clinical line, clarify the promotion criteria for that, and given the charge to look at the 3rd year review guidelines.

e. Lectures, Seminars, and Awards Committee – Tom Oakland

• International educator award awarded
• The major work of this committee takes place in the spring.
• Harry: Diversity committee is seeking funds for a speaker, you might contact
• Five nominees for doctorate mentoring award made and forwarded onto John.

f. Long Range Planning – Cirecie

• Names from 2 of the 3 schools.
• Need to get third, pick a chair and move forward

g. Research Advisory Committee – Troy Sadler

• Involved in conversations with PTF in drafting Dean search.
• MaryAnn Clark is chair
• Steve Pape is cochair
• Competition sponsored by DSR, forward two proposals.

h. Technology & Distance Education Committee – Cathy Cavanaugh
Cathy is absent

5. Other – none

Action items

Comments from the floor
Harry: I want to thank everyone on great work, the energy expended by this group is amazing. I wish you every success and have best of holidays

Cirecie made a motion to adjourn
Seconded by Jamie

Next meeting: Monday, January 11, 2009 at 2pm