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Code from selected publications:

R Packages

Package ShortForm to perfom selection of items for short forms of scales optimizing criterion and internal validity using the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in combination with latent variable models (i.e., confirmatory factor analysis, item response theory). The implementation is described in:
Leite, W. L., Huang, I., & Marcoulides, G. A. (2008). Item selection for the development of short-forms of scales using an Ant Colony Optimization algorithm. Multivariate Behavioral Research.43, 411-431.

R and Mplus code for books, chapters and articles:

Code and data for my book Practical Propensity Score Methods Using R.

MPLUS code (applied example, simulation) for latent growth models for propensity score matched groups, as described in: Leite, W. L., Sandbach, R., Jin, R., MacInnes, J., & Jackman, G. A. (2012). An Evaluation of Latent Growth Models for Propensity Score Matched Groups. Structural Equation Modeling. 19, 437–456.

Code to accompany the chapter: Bandalos, D. L. & Leite, W. L. (2013). Use of Monte Carlo Studies in Structural Equation Modeling Research. In G. R. Hancock & R. O. Mueller (Eds.), Structural equation modeling: A second course (2nd Ed.). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

MPLUS input files to perform factor mixture modeling to detect social desirability bias, as described in: Leite, W. L., & Cooper, L. A. (2010). Detecting social desirability bias using factor mixture models. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45, 271-293.