This is a professional learning opportunity for teachers that will lead to a graduate certificate in science education at the elementary and secondary level. The graduate credits earned can be used later to obtain a graduate education degree.


  • Online sequence utilize video demonstrations and lessons
  • Show participants working with UF scientists
  • Include videos of P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School science teachers working with new methods of teaching and learning

Inquiry-based science teaching

Fall SCE 5316 – Inquiry-based Science Teaching

Teachers explore how to engage students in a variety of inquiry practices, such as asking questions, using evidence to support claims, creating models, and designing investigations to find potential solutions to questions.


PHY 5905 – Physics and Chemistry for Middle School Teachers – Spring 1

Common alternative conceptions specific to introductory physics and chemistry are emphasized along with content-specific pedagogy to deepen teachers’ conceptual understanding in direct correlation to national and state science standards.

Diversity and Equity in Science Teaching

SCE 5695 – Diversity and Equity in Science Teaching – Spring 2

This course explores the idea of providing all students with equitable access to an inquiry-based science education, and examines possible barriers to success. Teachers will develop a variety of inclusive strategies for teaching science to diverse populations in grades 4-8.

Earth/Space Sciences

GLY 6932 – Earth and Space Science for Middle School Teachers – Summer 1

This course, taught by a UF scientist, provides foundational knowledge of earth and space sciences with an emphasis on Florida environments and societal issues of local and global significance

Science Curriculum Development

SCE 5140 – Science Curriculum Development – Summer 2

Participants will explore the use of different science curriculum development models, and examine the role of standards, learning goals, and assessment in curriculum design.

U-FUTuRES was awarded a grant from the NSF


National Science Foundation
Math Science Partnership
Teacher Institute Award # 1050166