College of Education 2012 Grand Guard Event

We had a successful Grand Guard event this year, celebrating the 50th reunion class of 1962.  The alumni and their guests had the opportunity to have lunch at Norman Hall with Tom Dana, Associate Dean and Theresa Vernetson, Assistant Dean.  The former education students were able to spend time with other classmates and listen to some of the new research and highlights that are taking place with the College of Education today.

When asked: What advice would you give to new or prospective teachers?  The Grand Guard attendees suggested:

1. Take the time to listen to children; sometimes it’s better to throw out the lesson plan and “just listen”. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives outside of school.

2. Don’t listen to what other people say about a student in your class, make your own observation.

3. Take advantage of every opportunity you have while you’re here at the College of Education.

4. Don’t forget your personal exercise…you can work out a million problems while walking around the block.

5. Teach proper keyboarding skills so your students don’t “hunt and peck” when using the computer.

Pictured: Robert and Anne Carlson, Ed and Barbara Johnson, Assistant Dean Theresa Vernetson, Loretta Dow, Associate Dean Tom Dana, Bill and Elaine Pannell, and Sybil Catala.

Class of 1962: Anne Carlson, Barbara Johnson, Loretta Dow, Elaine Pannell, and Sybil Catala.