About Our Services

The Office of Educational Research (OER) supports and develops research, training, and service activities for faculty as follows:

Identify funding sources and promote research activities.

  • Search for and disseminate relevant funding opportunities through OER’S weekly Funding and Award Opportunities and monthly Research Bulletin. These newsletters include a list of submitted and funded projects, research events, and news of interest.
  • Send targeted emails to faculty with select funding opportunities aligning with their research agendas.
  • Serve as a liaison with external funding organizations and UF agencies.
  • Assist faculty to acquire seed funds for external funding such as the College Research Incentive Fund (CRIF) and the Research Opportunity Seed Fund (ROSF).
  • Compile OER Annual Reports, outlining data on externally funded projects and grant activities in the COE.

Provide faculty professional development (PD) opportunities.

  • Encourage faculty participation in external PD opportunities.
  • Introduce new faculty to COE resources and funding opportunities to develop their academic portfolios.
  • Provide training opportunities and resources to support research (i.e., research design, quantitative and qualitative analyses, project management).
  • Organize professionalization events (e.g., Brown Bag Series, COE’s Endowed Professorship Speaker Series).

Build collaborative research teams.

  • Develop cross-departmental and cross-university collaborative teams.
  • Establish and sustain strategic partnerships.
  • Maintain web-based COE research profiles and spotlights.

Support development & submission of proposals.

  • Provide consultation to help guide principal investigators (PIs) through the proposal submission process.
  • Review requests for proposals (RFPs) to assist with funding agency requirements.
  • Connect faculty with grant-writing consultants and mentors.
  • Provide samples of successful proposals and present suggestions for project design.
  • Develop budgets, assess cost-sharing requests, and coordinate sub-contract processes, as needed.
  • Provide support for development of various proposal components (e.g., budgets, budget justifications, narratives, proposal summaries, proposal ancillaries, boilerplate materials).
  • Ensure funding agency forms are completed accurately.
  • Perform UFIRST uploads.
  • Facilitate internal review for applicable limited funding opportunities.
  • Serve as a liaison with various university offices (e.g., Division of Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Grants, Graduate School, Institutional Review Board, Provost’s Office) and funding agencies.

Facilitate faculty award, tenure, and promotion processes.

  • Provide support for faculty application to select internal and external awards.
  • Showcase faculty scholarship through the Research Spotlights.
  • Work collaboratively with various College committees (e.g., Research Advisory Committee, Lectures Seminar and Awards Committee, Sabbatical Committee) to facilitate award review processes.
  • Facilitate the tenure and promotion process and work collaboratively with the Tenure & Promotion Committee.