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Please visit Impact of COVID-19 on Research and Sponsored Programs for up-to-date information from UF Research

Policy Regarding the Submission of Research Proposals

UF Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP): The policy for submitting proposals to DSP is 9am one business day prior to the date of the sponsor’s deadline.
COE OER: The policy for submitting proposals and all supporting components of a completed proposal such as subcontract proposals, cost share commitments, approved budget, etc. to OER/Brian Lane is 9am two business days* prior to DSP’s deadline.

*For efforts such as IES and NSF when the college typically has multiple proposals, OER will offer PIs a schedule for submission that may be earlier than two business days prior to DSP’s deadline.

OER Top Ten Reminders for COE Principal Investigators

Grant and contract productivity is healthy for the COE, and we (the OER team) want to do whatever we can to support all principal investigators to accomplish their grant/contract goals. See OER Top Ten Reminders for COE Principal Investigators for some friendly reminders that will make things run as smoothly as possible as we support you.

COE/OER Capital Needs Form

Please note that the Capital Needs Form is now online: https://education.ufl.edu/educational-research/capital-needs-form.


  • Research Bulletin: The Research Bulletin is a monthly publication of the OER providing a list of submitted and funded projects, announcements of OER-sponsored research events, and other helpful news of interest to COE faculty.
  • Funding and Award Opportunities: Funding and Award Opportunities is a weekly publication of the OER providing a list of upcoming funding and award announcements with a focus on the research areas of COE faculty. To discuss any upcoming opportunities, please contact Ana Puig at anapuig@coe.ufl.edu.

Research Spotlights

The college’s distinguished faculty pursue vital, interdisciplinary research that is helping to transform teaching and learning, education policy, and leadership in all education disciplines. Read about faculty accomplishments in the Research Spotlights.