COE/OER Capital Needs Form

This form must be completed before scheduling a proposal upload or contract submission.

The purpose of this form is to acquire information regarding expected supports needed for grants and contracts that are above and beyond the typical supports of the PI’s daily faculty-related activities but not included in the budget and to determine if there are unique characteristics associated with the project’s budget.

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Project period start date:

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IDC rate or administrative fee published by the funding agency (%):

If IDC is 0%, please expect a follow-up consultation with the associate dean and/or dean.

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Will the proposal be submitted through OER? (N/A if not applicable)
(Note: The PI must be from COE and the proposal submitted through OER to receive services beyond budget development.)

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UF Co-PI Name/Unit (N/A if not applicable):

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Proposal Deadline:

Is this a Research or Training Grant requiring academic support services or coursework with planned teacher (or other participants) stipends/compensation at the school level?

If YES, I hereby commit to discussing details of my proposal’s academic support and/or coursework requirements with my school director prior to submitting my proposal

Does your grant or contract have matching requirements?

If "yes," what are your anticipated source(s) of match? (N/A if not applicable)

Do you expect to have assigned office space for the project in the COE?

Per federal regulations, do you have foreign activities or interests to report?

If "yes," please describe them below:

Is this proposal:

If research, will your research involve human subjects?

If "yes," do you intend to use deidentified data only?

What editorial support will you require for this proposal (you must allow for 10 business days ahead of OER submission deadline for this service)? Please select all that apply. Note: A Technical Writer will be assigned to you and will reach out to you to coordinate the technical writing support needed.
 N/A General Formatting General Proofreading Content Review (RFP Criteria) In-Text Citations and Reference List Review Tables and Figures Other Support

Will you require other types of expertise (e.g., cost analysis, logic models, advanced methodological support)?

If "yes," please describe the expertise needed below (N/A if not applicable):

Technology resources needed from COE ETC (If YES, quote must be provided to designated OER Research Administrator):

Technology resources need for the project (not included in budget) (N/A if not applicable):

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Proposal Deadline Policy

UF Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP):
Submit-ready proposals must be submitted to DSP by 9 a.m. one business day prior to the sponsor’s published submission deadline to be considered on-time by DSP.

COE Office of Educational Research (OER):
Submit-ready proposals and all supporting components of a completed proposal (e.g., subcontract proposals, cost share commitments, approved budget) must be submitted to OER/Brian Lane by 9 a.m. two business days* prior to DSP’s deadline.

*For efforts such as IES and NSF when the college typically has multiple proposals, OER will offer PIs a schedule for submission that may be earlier than two business days prior to DSP’s deadline.

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