Upcoming Insights


Welcome to our new Educator’s Blog. We have plans to present a host of student and classroom management topics that school professionals such as teachers, school administrators, school counselors, and school psychologists will hopefully find helpful. We feel we have much to share with teachers who need efficient and effective classroom strategies to assist students to better regulate their behavior so they can take advantage of the vast array of positive opportunities found in schools today.

Since dissemination is a logical extension of our research efforts over the past two decades, the Educator’s Blog will be another way we can spread the word about ways to help students, especially those at risk for or who exhibit aggressive behavior. Our body of accumulated work (see the Our Published Work link on the main page of our website) reveals that students can learn how to self regulate their own behavior and teachers can use our suggested curricula efficiently and effectively.

So, look for our Educator’s Blog which will be coming your way shortly.