This Practicum and Internship page contains commonly asked questions for practicum and internship students. If your questions are not answered, please feel free to the Assistant Clinical Coordinator, at If you feel there is helpful information that others would find useful, please feel free to forward that for posting.


How do I know which classes I need to take before I complete my practicum or internship?

You can find the internship prereq & coreq classes on the P&I Orientation.


Do I need to have my site confirmed when I submit my application?

Yes. All MHC and MFC students will have at least a tentative site placement when you submit your paperwork. For school students, the Site Agreement form is due when you have been assigned a site by the school district and the clinical coordination team.


If I stay at the same site for another semester, do I need to submit new paperwork?

Yes. It is required that you have updated paperwork in your clinical file for each clinical experience you complete. The P&I team will send updates each semester. If you have any questions about paperwork requirements, contact the P&I team.


How do MHC & MFC students find placements?

Placements are similar to a job search process. Active sites are listed on the Clinical Sites page. Inactive or remote sites will need to go through site development (see below). Around the time your turn in your application (or earlier) and with approval from your advisor, you will want to contact the site hosts of the places that you are interested in working to arrange for an interview. You may let them know you are interested and ask for a tour to get a better idea of the environment and goodness of fit. They may require a resume and/or formal interview and will make the determination of whether they accept you or not.


What if I want to complete my clinical experiences at a site that is inactive or outside of Gainesville?

You will need to devote more time to the process as we will need to talk to the site host and approve the site before the semester begins. You are encouraged to review and have your potential site host read the Site Development page. They will need to complete the Site Information Form and arrange for a site visit with the clinical team either in person or via telephone.


If I am completing my clinical experience out of the area, do I still need to register for the courses or complete the requirements?

Yes. Let us know early. School counseling placements must be assigned through COE student services, and this can take time. You will need to register for your clinical and group supervision courses at UF and ensure that you are receiving qualified supervision onsite. In addition, students must complete all of the required coursework and exit interview steps and either attend Group sup at UF, or work with the clinical coordinator to find a suitable course substitution.