Graduate Minor in Early Childhood

The minor in early childhood provides on-campus doctoral students across campus expertise in young children’s early development and learning with a focus on children (birth – five years old) who are vulnerable due to biological, environmental, or established risk conditions and their families. The minor is designed to offer interdisciplinary graduate education by combining coursework and applied research opportunities focused on areas within the field of early childhood including health, mental health, early education and care, early intervention, policy and law, and family and community-based social supports. The minor provides a unique opportunity for graduate students to interact with faculty across disciplines who have diverse academic backgrounds and areas of research and expertise.

Admission Requirements

The early childhood minor is administered through the School of Special Education, School Psychology, and Early Childhood, College of Education. The minor is open to all on-campus doctoral students across campus.

A student can earn a minor in Early Childhood by completing the following course requirements (15 total credit hours):

Early Childhood Minor Coursework (15 hrs)

EEC 7666 Theory and Research in Early Childhood Studies

EEC 7056 Early Childhood Policy & Advocacy

EEC 7617 Early Childhood Assessment & Evaluation

EEC 6933 Families, Disabilities, & Diversity

EEC 6933 Social and Pre-academic Instructional Methods for Young Children

For further information contact Dr. Brian Reichow.