Program Highlights

Choose a specialization for a deeper dive into an education content area:

Disabilities in Society

Stimulating coursework expands your knowledge of how to positively impact the lives of individuals with special needs. By providing a lens to view the unique perspectives and roles of individuals with disabilities in society, this specialization will help to shape your view of work in your field of choice and involvement in your community. Awareness will change you.

Educational Technology

Ed Tech goes far beyond tablets and smartboards. This focus is designed to establish a background understanding of the industry and help students cultivate the skills needed to succeed in this growing field. From instructional design to virtual or augmented reality learning environments, we have carefully crafted a sequence of courses to engage you in this growing field.

Education Psychology & Research

Build a highly-valued skillset through the application of data analysis, research design and evaluation techniques. This specialization provides focused coursework on the psychology of learning and the application of educational research.

Schools, Society & Policy

Our shared belief is that schools are shaped by larger societal forces like politics, culture, economics, and values. We enlist perspectives from history, philosophy, sociology and cultural studies to explore the inter-relationships between schools and society. Discover and apply knowledge to address and resolve pressing issues in schools, education policy and society.

Early Childhood Studies

Early Childhood Studies aims to provide students an understanding of the transdisciplinary field of early childhood through exploring the intersections among early care and education, health/mental health, and family support systems. The scope of courses provides a base in which we explore the science, policy, and implementation of early childhood development, learning, health, and well-being from child- and family-centered and developmental equity perspectives. Emphasis is placed on practices and policies used within and across these systems to support equitable outcomes and thriving children, birth to 5-years old, and their families.