10 Septembe, 2001 FPC Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2001

Room 158 Norman Hall

Members Present: Dick Allington, Anne McGill-Franzen (alternate), Vivian Correa, Joe Wittmer, Hazel Jones, Bridget Franks, Phil Clark, Stephen Smith (Chair), and Tina Smith-Bonahue

Members Absent:  Jane Townsend; David Honeyman

Rod Webb was in attendance from the Dean’s Office. (Rod is not a member)

The meeting was called to order by the chair at 9:10 a.m.

Clark moved and Allington seconded to accept the agenda.  The agenda was accepted by unanimous vote.

Smith-Bonahue moved and Clark seconded to approve the Faculty Policy Council May 9, 2001.  The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Agenda was composed by the Agenda Committee (Smith, Correa, Clark, & Nelms).

Election of Faculty to the Undergraduate & Graduate Admission and Petitions Committees

FPC discussed which procedures to follow for the Election of Faculty to Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions and Petitions Committees and how many faculty should serve on the standing committees. Allington moved and Clark seconded that FPC should submit a ballot to include elections to the Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions and Petitions Committees, including a vote for the Counselor Education Representative to serve on FPC and the standing committees and The motion carried by unanimous vote. Smith agreed to compose ballot and it was agreed to have the Dean’s Office distribute ballots to the various offices and faculty would return their ballots to their department secretary by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, September 13th.  Smith will collect the ballots.

FPC decided to allow the Dean’s Office to handle the Senate Committee process, since it is a university-wide committee.

Fall FPC Meetings

FPC agreed to hold the FPC meetings for the fall semesters on: September 17, October 1, October 15,, October 29, November 12, November 26, and December 10.  Clark moved and Correa seconded to accept the scheduled FPC meetings dates for the fall semester.  The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Dean’s Representative on the College Curriculum Committee

FPC discussed a proposal from Webb to put a moratorium on Article II, Section 4(F) College Curriculum Committee (a) temporarily substituting Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for Associate Dean for Graduate Studies …and non-voting members consisting of the Director of Student Services and the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies for the academic year 2001-2002. There was discussion to invite Interim Dean Kranzler when graduate studies or graduate related issues are proposed.  Allington moved and Clark seconded to put a moratorium on Article II, Section 4(F) College Curriculum Committee to temporarily substitute the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.  The motion carried with a 7 to 1 vote.

New Agenda Item:  Involving FPC Alternates at Meetings

Clark moved and Allington seconded that we add an action item to the agenda related to welcoming alternate FPC members to all scheduled FPC meetings. The motion carried by unanimous vote. Clark moved and Allington seconded that FPC will welcome FPC alternates to attend all FPC meetings. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Election of Members to Standing Committees

FPC discussed whether to the addition ofadditional faculty to serve on standing committees.  It was suggested to appoint Deans serving on these committees to be ex-officio members (non-voting member). Allington moved and Clark seconded that the Elections Committee conduct a general college election to select at least 4 members (staggered terms) for each of the standing committees. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Procedures Manual for College Committees

Clark discussed the need for a procedures’ manual for all college committees.  Each committee would follow a set of directions/procedures; that could be updated each year.  A suggestion was made to have committees submit a written report to the FPC.  Clark agreed to collect procedures from the standing all committees.

Constitutional Amendment Committee

FPC agreed to retain a list of revisions for possible amendment of the College Constitution and amend as needed at the end of each academic year. There was some discussion for the need of a Constitutional Amendment Committee.  Correa and Smith will follow-up on this matter.

Agenda and Dean’s Advisory Committee Reports

Smith reported on the meeting with the Agenda and Dean’s Advisory Committees.  He stated the Agenda Committee will collect and distribute issues and concerns; and that any faculty members can submit in written form an item to the committee to consider.  He also stated that in their discussion, the Dean’s Advisory Committee hasagreed to refer appropriate all matters to the FPC or Agenda Committee.

College Curriculum Committee Report

Correa reported that College Curriculum Committee meetings will take place on the first Monday of each month, from 3:00-5:00 p.m., beginning October 1.  The committee will discuss the Constitution, policies, assign the committee’s charge and answer questions.  Last year the CCC created and approved guidelines for submitting courses to the committee.  It was suggested that those guidelines be distributed to CCC and faculty as soon as possible.

Fall Faculty Meeting

Correa reported on the Fall Faculty Meeting held on Friday, September 7, 2001.  Approximately 35-40 people were in attendance.  The discussion focused on the Dean’s Search.  Faculty discussed:: 1) characteristic of the a Ddean; 2) search procedures; 3) recruitment strategies; and 4) promotion of the college.  The faculty feel the candidate should have experience and a positive outlook on faculty governance.

It was also recommended that the FPC Committee be schedule to interview the candidates, and meet with the Dean’s Search committee.  It was recommended by the faculty that a written summary of the concerns the faculty expressed in the meeting be forwarded to the Dean’s Search committee and to the Provost.

Suggested Agenda items for September 17th meeting

·  Request printed budget from the Dean

·  Appoint student representative(s) to assist Student Recruitment/Admissions Ccommitteesfor the College Curriculum Committees, Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions and Petitions committees.

·  Discuss how TAs & RAs will voice concerns under the new governance structure

·  Balancing the number of research and teaching assistants in the College

·  Need to inventory what policies exist in the college

·  Discuss how to make linkages with the Staff Council

Jones moved and Allington seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


7 September, 2001 FPC Faculty Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 7, 2001

Room 250 Norman Hall

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Stephen Smith, Faculty Policy Council (FPC) Chair at 3:15 p.m.  He welcomed the faculty to the Fall Faculty Meeting and thanked them for attending the meeting.

General Information on Committee Structure

Smith stated that the FPC consists of members of the four College departments and school.  The members are Dick Allington, Phil Clark, Vivian Correa (Secretary), Bridget Franks, Dave Honeyman, Hazel Jones, Stephen Smith (Chair), Tina Smith-Bonahue, Jane Townsend, and Joe Wittmer.  An election will be conducted to add a two-year member representing the Department of Counselor Education.  The selection of a Parliamentarian is also needed.  Alternates from each department have also been elected to serve on the Council.  Operating committees were identified as

  • Agenda Committee (Smith, Correa, Clark, Nelms)
  • College Curriculum Committee
  • Undergraduate Admissions and Petitions Committee
  • Graduate Admissions and Petitions Committee
  • Standing Committees include:
    • Faculty Affairs, Research Advisory, Student Recruitment/Admissions, & Long-Range Planning

There is also an Elections Committee and Dean’ Advisory Committee

Function of Agenda Committee

Smith stated that the Agenda Committee consists of the FPC Chair, Secretary, Dean or Dean’s representative and one other elected FPC member. The agenda committee develops the agenda for the FPC and will act as a collector of issues/concerns related to College policy and distributor of these issues/concerns to the appropriate operating or standing committees.  Smith also explained that a discussion took place at the Dean’s Advisory Committee about the power of the Agenda Committee to act or fail to act on issues/concerns that come to the committee. Smith explained that, in the Constitution, the Agenda Committee is responsible for reporting its actions to the FPC so there is an accountability measure for the Agenda Committee’s decision making.

Web site

Smith encouraged faculty to review the FPC web site for a copy of the Constitution, the minutes of FPC meetings, and a list of faculty appointed to serve on the various committees.  The Web site address is education.ufl.edu/committees/fpc/main.htm

Deans’ Report
  • Dean Nelms commended faculty on their improved work performance and reminded them of the administrative support that is available.  Nelms read the mission of the College and encouraged faculty to support the search for a new Dean.  He also reported that Provost Colburn would be announcing the members of the Dean’s search committee in the near future.
  • In his report to the faculty, Associate Dean Webb also encouraged faculty to support the upcoming Dean’s search efforts.  He reported on the College’s preparation for NCATE, and added that the efforts include a strong emphasis on data collection.  A College committee has been established to assist in the preparation for the NCATE and the Department of Education accreditation visits.

A Discussion on the Dean’s Search

Smith stated that the FPC sponsored a meeting for faculty to meet with Provost Colburn on July 25, 2001, to discuss the Dean’s Search.  He encouraged faculty to review the minutes that have been placed on the FPC website.

Smith then facilitated a discussion on the upcoming Dean’s search related to desired characteristics of a Dean, involving faculty in the search process, developing recruitment strategies, and promoting the College.  Faculty suggested that the Provost and the members of the Dean’s search committee be provided copies of this discussion as they begin deliberations on the search.

Discussion on Desired Characteristics of a Dean: The faculty discussed various characteristics they wanted to see in a Dean. Some faculty felt strongly that a non-negotiable characteristic of a Dean would be their support of and experience with faculty governance.  The following summarizes other desired characteristics and are presented in a non-ranked order.  The Dean should:

  • have prior experience as a dean at a comparable university to UF
  • advocate for teacher education and the Colleges of Education with upper administration
  • possess a successful career and strong scholarship record
  • maintain a balance between development work outside of the university and hands-on-administration of the internal aspects of the College (e.g., external versus internal Dean)
  • work closely with education constituencies at the national, state, and local levels
  • become involved in State legislative issues related to education
  • support the College’s research efforts
  • embrace diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • listen to faculty and represent faculty at all levels (university, state, local)
  • have new ideas and solutions about issues facing the College
  • support faculty governance and shared decision making

Discussion on Search Procedures:  It is hoped that all faculty, the FPC, and the Staff Council will have access to the Dean candidates during their campus visit.  Faculty supported the idea of including the FPC as part of the candidates’ interview schedules.  Faculty made the following suggestions related to the search procedures.

  • The search committee and Provost should be given a copy of the discussion generated by the faculty in today’s meeting
  • Dean candidates invited to campus should be given an opportunity to answer questions from the faculty in an open forum
  • Faculty should be provided background summaries on the visiting Dean candidates
  • While on campus, Dean candidates should be provided an opportunity to talk about their vision for the College
  • Dean candidates should also discuss what contributions they offer to the College
  • Faculty should be given multiple opportunities to meet with the candidates including informal and social venues
  • Faculty should provide the search committee with written feedback on each visiting candidate
  • It was suggested that the search committee extend the 2-day schedule so that faculty have more access to the candidates
  • Search committee members should consider composing a weighted system of measuring each candidates’ qualifications
  • The FPC should be given an opportunity to meet with the search committee during the final stages of selection
  • Dean candidates should address their short and long term goals and the longevity of their commitment to the position

Discussion on Strategies for Recruitment:  Faculty discussed various methods for recruiting Dean candidates including:

  • assisting in the identification of applicants for the position.
  • forwarding formal nominations of Dean candidates to the search committee.
  • generating a list of questions to be used for calling references.

Discussion on Promoting the College: Faculty discussed strategies for promoting the College during the Dean’s search.  Recommendations included:

  • A list of faculty publications from the last 5 years be compiled for Dean candidates.
  • A 1-2 page handout or brochure be designed to highlight the accomplishments of the College.
  • A compilation of college materials be mailed to the Dean candidates selected for interviews
  • College ambassadors serve as hosts during the candidates’ visits
  • Members of the Staff Council meet with and assist with the candidates visit on campus
  • The College’s web page be updated and ready for Dean candidate access
  • Candidates should be provided special “welcoming” touches to their stay in Gainesville (e.g., flowers or fruit baskets).


The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Vivian I. Correa, Ph.D.

Secretary, Faculty Policy Council


5 September, 2001 Dean’s Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Dean Nelms welcomed committee members and announced this is the first Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) meeting under the new college constitution.

Notes from the preliminary meeting held on August 15, 2001, were distributed and reviewed.


Committee discussed what the purpose of this committee is and recommended changes in wording.


To provide a forum for communication and the sharing of information.

To discuss the administrative implications of policy initiatives under consideration by the Faculty Policy Council and procedures for implementing policies as they are proposed and enacted.

To suggest to the Agenda Committee areas of concern for possible consideration by the Faculty Policy Council.

To respond to current issues and mandates, for example, from the University administration and the Florida Department of Education as well as those identified internally within the college.

Inasmuch as possible, meetings will be scheduled in the order below:

1)  Provost meets with University Deans

2)  Agenda Committee

3)  Dean’s Advisory Committee

4)  Faculty Policy Council (FPC)

Stephen Smith (Chair, FPC) stated that any issues of concern should be presented to the Agenda Committee and would be distributed to the appropriate committee.

He also said that the Faculty Policy Council Web Site has been updated to include most of the new committees.


For monthly DAC meetings, agenda items will be scheduled as follows:

1)Issues for discussion (one or two announced in advance)

2)  Update report (Chair of Faculty Policy Council)

3)Information items (Dean and Dean’s Office)

The committee will be invited to suggest items for the agenda preferably a week in advance.


The DAC will be composed of the following individuals:

Department chairs

Dean, Associate/Assistant Deans

Director of Student Services

Chair, Faculty Policy Council

The Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Multicultural Affairs and the Director of Development will be invited to meet with the DAC from time to time as appropriate, but will not serve on the committee.

Discussion ensued as to whether to add another person to the Agenda Committee.  It was agreed to leave the Agenda Committee’s membership as is for one year.

The next Agenda Committee meeting will address the issue of asking faculty whether they feel another faculty member should serve on the Agenda Committee.

Reporting Procedure

The Dean’s Secretary will take notes.  Notes should be public and posted on the FPC web page in an expeditious manner.  The notes would be circulated to Advisory members and then sent to Stephen Smith for FPC web page.

FPC Report

Stephen Smith, Chair of the Faculty Policy Council, proposed that a 2-hour time during each week be scheduled for college committee meetings; (e.g. the Faculty Policy Council).  Alternating weeks might be reserved for departments and departmental meetings.  The period from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. was suggested, NOT on Wednesdays or Fridays.  Dean Nelms will circulate the other times among department chairs to determine which is likely to have the fewest conflicts.  Graduate students and Adjunct Faculty could teach during this time period.

Report of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dean Webb discussed the following issues:

The condition and possible renovation of Old Norman Hall.

Prospects for a media union.

Recent meetings with Apple and Teraglobal media.

Report of Assistant Dean for Educational Outreach and Communications

Dean Vernetson announced upcoming events:

Grand Guard reunion this Friday, September 7 (luncheon and program)

October 19, New Faculty Reception

November 2, Homecoming Reception

December 7, College Xmas Party at the Best Western near I-75

Report of the Dean

The Dean reported that the budget situation is still somewhat unclear.  He discussed the possibility of a holdback this year.  Projections for next year also indicate the possibility of serious cutbacks.

However, there are some indications that there may be additional funding for Opportunity Alliance next year and for early replacement of senior professors in DROP.

Provost Colburn is working on the Dean’s Search committee, which will be appointed soon and will include representation from each department.

The Dean distributed preliminary enrollment information, the headcount after registration showing a slight decline at all levels in COE.  A request was made for five-year data on headcount.

The Dean distributed copies of the Salary Pay Plan for Professors for 2001-2001.

Dr. Vandiver announced that the Provost is appointing a long range planning committee.  PKY’s enrollment has increased dramatically in the last three years, doubling the middle-school enrollment.  She also mentioned PKY involvement in the Florida Reading Initiative.

The Dean announced that there are two staff searches currently underway:

Director of Development

Coordinator of Special Events (full time)

The search for a Director of the Lastinger Center is also underway.  Dr. Doud will chair the committee.

Searches for the Director of the School of Teaching and Learning and the Chair of Educational Leadership will begin soon.