23 September, 2003 Dean’s Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Members present: Dr. Michael Bowie, Dr. Maureen Conroy, Dr. Nancy Dana, Dr. Harry Daniels, Ms. Dotti Delfino, Dr. James Doud, Ms. Mary Driscoll, Dean Catherine Emihovich, Ms. Kay Hughes, Dr. John Kranzler, Ms. Iona Malanchuk, Dr. James McLeskey, Dr. David Miller, Dr. Ben Nelms, Dr. Pam Pallas, Dr. Donald Pemberton, Dr. Jeanne Repetto, Dr. Frances Vandiver, Dr. Nancy Waldron, Dr. Rodman Webb, Dr. Elizabeth Yeager (for Dr. Tom Dana)Member(s) not present:  Dr. Theresa Vernetson

Information Item

The August 26, 2003 minutes were unanimously approved.


Dean Emihovich reminded Committee members that the University of Florida has been asked to identify projects for federal priorities in 2003-2004.  She asked for their input on new project requests by September 29, 2003.

University of Florida Bridges Guests

Ms. Kay Hughes announced that the University of Florida Bridges Guests will be invited to attend a Dean’s Advisory Committee meeting in the near future to give a communications review.

  • College Events

Ms. Mary Driscoll announced that the following College events have been scheduled to date:

October 3, 2003 – Grand Guard Luncheon

October 21, 2003 – Retired Faculty Reception

October 23, 2003 – Career Night (she asked Chairs to encourage faculty to broadcast this event to students (particularly undergrads) and to offer credit if possible.

Ms. Kay Hughes reminded committee members that Dr. Arthur Levine, President of Teachers College of Columbia University, will share his perspective on the future of higher education, on October 8, 2003 at 7:30 p.m. at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Dean Emihovich announced that President Young will be hosting an open forum on shared governance on October 2, 2003 from 3:00-5:00 at the Keene Faculty Center.  She encouraged Dean’s Advisory Committee members and faculty to attend.

  • Updates on Programs and Centers

Dr. Ben Nelms reported the following updates on UF Alliance

  • Currently there are six Alliance Partnership Schools and another one may be added.
  • Broad focus is Teacher Recruitment, Induction and Retention.
  • Ms. Wanda Lastrapas has been appointed full-time to assist with planning and implementing teacher induction and retention programs in the Alliance Schools.
  • Dr. Sebastian Foti has been appointed to assist in coordinating and developing channels of communication with the schools, university faculties and administration, sponsors, agencies and the public.

Dr. Michael Bowie reported the following updates on the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers (FFMT) and Recruitment, Retention and Multicultural Affairs:

  • Met with UF attorney on September 8, 2003 to discuss some critical issues that were raised at a recent board meeting.
  • The FFMT Legislative Summit has been postponed until February 2003.
  • A recruitment program will be held on October 1, 2003 at various schools in Alachua Coun ty.
  • The Marva Collins program currently has 12 students and mentors are needed.
  • Data is being collected on graduate recruitment to determine where students are coming from and how recruited (e.g. faculty member, conference).
  • Undergraduate recruitment locations will be set up on campus particularly in the Reitz Union and Turlington Hall.

Ms. Kay Hughes reported the following updates on Information and Public Services:

  • Faculty Profiles have been distributed to all faculty.
  • Faculty and Staff Directory will be distributed in the near future.
  • Fact Sheets and Profiles have been distributed to faculty.
  • Pocket Cards that contains education facts are available.
  • Education Times will be distributed quarterly and also available online.
  • Goals include creating faculty expertise list, working closely with News and Public Affairs Student and Gainesville Sun Reporter (Douane James), assisting with College-wide brochures, using the new logo to build a standardized look for various forms and templates for reports, newsletters, and publications.
  • Two portable display boards are available for College and departmental use.
  • Copies of the report on Teacher Quality and Recruitment are available in the Dean’s office.

Dr. Fran Vandiver reported the following updates on P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School:

  • Grand Opening for the P. K. Yonge Performing Arts Center will be held on December 9, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Reading projects include the Florida Reading Initiative, Leadership through Reading, SAIL Program and the National Reading Literacy Program.

Dr. Jeanne Repetto reported the following updates on the University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD):

  • Received funding effective September 18, 2003.
  • Mission is to build interdisciplinary center and resource leveraging.
  • Develop grants, research, and service with various colleges.
  • Discussion Items

Dean Emihovich reported that the College is losing enrollment in graduate programs. The following Strategic Initiatives for the upcoming Retreat on September 26, 2003 were discussed:

In Progress Initiatives for Development Other Campus Links Themes
۰Lastinger Center for Learning ۰IMU (Ed Library) ۰Digital World ۰Children and Families
۰UF Alliance ۰Center for Language, Literacy and Culture ۰ICARE (Endowed Chair in Childhood Reading) ۰International Outreach
۰Holmes Partnership ۰Leadership Academy ۰University Library System ۰School Improvement/ School/University Partnerships (Urban Studies)
۰Holmes Scholars ۰Literacy and Arts Program (Visual Performance Arts in PK Yonge) ۰Center for Children and Violence (Law School)
۰Center for School Improvement ۰Early Childhood and Family Education Research Center (Baby Gator) ۰Pediatrics (MDTP)
۰Disabilities Center ۰International Partnerships ۰IGERT
۰America Reads ۰Teachers-in-Residence ۰Math/Science Partnerships (Engineering, IFAS and CPET)
۰Bright Futures ۰Integrated Services in Schools ۰ADHD Project (Educational Psychology)
۰Project Include ۰Collaboration with Psychiatry – SubstanceAbuse ۰Brain Institute (Tech, Additions)
۰Alachua County Literacy ۰Family/School Communication ۰Disabilities Office (Screening)
۰CROP (Univ)
۰FFMT (Legislature)
۰Professor in Residence
۰SAIL (PK Yonge)
۰Nat’l Alliance of Community and Technical Colleges Institute for Community Education
۰Behavioral Projects (Spec Ed)

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.