23 January, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
January 23, 2006

Members Present: Ellen Amatea, Buffy Bondy, Mary Brownell, Mary Ann Clark, Ester de Jong, Kathy Gratto, Cyndy Griffin, Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm

Members Absent: Dave Honeyman, Rod Webb

Others Present: Paul Sindelar (dean’s report)

Meeting called to order at 2:07 PM.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for January 23, 2006—moved by Griffin and seconded by Brownell. Unanimously approved.
2. Approval of the minutes from the 12/5/05 meeting–moved by Griffin and seconded by Brownell. Unanimously approved.


Tentative dates for agenda committee meetings for spring: 2/13, 3/20, 4/17

Dean’s Report

Paul Sindelar presented the dean’s report as Deans Emihovich and Benson are attending a meeting in the CLAS regarding a new, collaborative teacher ed program.
1/24: David Brooks at Emerson Hall, 6:30 PM
1/26: Robert Jimenez, 3PM, presentation (note: can count toward the 45-hour professional development expectation for faculty teaching ESOL-infused courses); faculty conversation at 11AM focusing on readings Candace Harper has provided
2/17: Gloria Ladson-Billings; 2 PM lecture
3/6: Luis Moll; 3PM lecture
2/6: David Figlio; noon in Terrace Room

Dean’s Report in the COE News: In the monthly COE News reports there is a message from the Dean. This month there’s an update on the work of the strategic planning task forces.
Fien Search Committee: STL has really gotten the word out, less so in other departments. Let’s get a large, strong list of candidates.

Committee Reports

CCC (Bondy): 12/12 and 1/30. Mainly focusing on adding new courses; trying to encourage the deletion of courses no longer offered
Faculty and Budgetary Affairs (de Jong): Did much of the work early in the fall and then work moved to an ad hoc committee to develop promotion guidelines for non-tenure track faculty. Goal is to bring the document to the February 20 FPC meeting. The challenge: the conditions under which lecturers and scholars are working (how to achieve the standards given the conditions). And, will the raise in salary be available to them? Furthermore, how do we avoid making it an obvious 2-tiered system (tenure and non-tenure track faculty). Other issues on the committee’s agenda: faculty teaching load, faculty involvement in budgetary matters (need to discuss this in agenda committee!)
Lectures, Seminars, and Awards (Amatea): Made recommendation to dean re: Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award. Will soon discuss sabbatical applications. Will forward to Dr. Adams the final guidelines for the graduate faculty teaching award. Dr. Dykes will chair the committee for the rest of the year. Suggestion: CRIF and Travel awards applications go to Research Advisory Committee rather than Lectures, Seminars, and Awards.
Long Range Planning (Griffin): Working on dean’s evaluation. Sub-committee developed draft based on 4 documents (UF faculty survey, evaluation of administrators from provost’s office, last year’s dean evaluation, evaluation developed by Linda Hagedorn). Sent draft to all committee members and to Catherine. Jeri is ex-officio member of the committee. Will discuss the draft on Thursday (1/26) within the committee. Catherine perceives a mismatch between what she sees as her roles and responsibilities and what the faculty want to evaluate her on. Hazel pointed out that the evaluation must be ready for distribution by April 1. The committee would like the survey research center on campus to administer the survey; have tentative agreement from dean’s office to do this. Need to send out statement of dean’s goals and accomplishments before and along with the evaluation.
Research Advisory Committee (Clark): Stephen Smith intends to call a meeting soon. New business may include a discussion of rewards for faculty who win grants, selecting this year’s UFRF Professorship, and selecting CRIF and Travel Grant winners.
Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions Committee (Linderholm): Have not met. Will meet 1/30. Developing a proposal to dean for support in recruiting doc students. Hazel recommended support for doc seminars so that there can be a hearty curriculum for doc students—for example, must have 7 students in a seminar in order for it to be held?
Technology Committee (Webb): No report.

Action Items


Report from the Faculty Senate

Senators will send out minutes from the December and January meetings: Kristen Kemple will send out minutes from the 12/15/05 meeting, and Phil Clark will send out minutes from the 1/19/06 meeting.

Discussion Items

1. How is the information from FPC meetings communicated to faculty in each department:
FPC report is on agenda of each department meeting. Idea: Hazel will send monthly public emails of key items. These will include completed projects and requests for feedback. Add this to end of FPC Agenda so that we conclude each meeting with decision about what to send to the faculty.
2. Committee Membership:
FPC questions: need rep from every department on every committee? Need 2-year terms to have experience and continuity on each committee? Speak to colleagues about both matters. Also, need to talk up the FPC within our departments so that our colleagues understand what we do (moving beyond procedural issues and to interesting substantive issues such as T and P, support for research).
Which FPC committees need rep from every department: check with faculty before 2/6. For example, does Technology Committee need a rep from each? Tracy raised question about Student Recruitment committee. Is it necessary or do grad coordinators already work on the recruitment issue? She will check with Thomasenia Adams.

Adjourned at 3:55 PM

Moved by Cyndy Griffin and seconded by Ellen Amatea.