UF recognizes COE’s Kumar for superior mentoring


Swapna Kumar

Twenty-five. That’s how many times Associate Professor Swapna Kumar returned the proposals and drafts Michael Kung had written for his dissertation.

All of the careful editing and feedback illustrate how Kumar drives her students to achieve academic excellence.

Kung said he nominated Kumar for UF’s Superior Accomplishment Award because of her dedication to mentoring and pushing him and other doctoral candidates to do their very best work. Kung graduated last year with a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction and now directs of Global Education at UF’s College of Design.

Kumar, a clinical associate professor in Educational Technology, was recently named among the University of Florida’s 29 division winners for the award.

Kumar’s student mentoring goes “the extra mile and beyond normal assigned duties,”said Jonathan Peine, chair of the award selection committee.

While she is thankful for the recognition from the university, Kumar said she is most gratified because it comes from her students.

“My role at UF is essentially about teaching, advising and mentoring, so I am honored and humbled to have been nominated by students,” Kumar said.

Kumar, a COE faculty member since 2009, will receive the award on Wednesday, March 23 at 9:30 a.m. at Emerson Alumni Hall on West University Avenue. A $200 check, certificate and coffee mug will accompany the accolade.

This award qualifies her to become a finalist for a universitywide Superior Accomplishment Award. The final award winners, chosen in April, will receive a gift of at least $1,000.

    SOURCE: Swapna Kumar, 352-273-4175
    WRITER: Katelin Mariner, UF College of Education, 352-373-4449
    MEDIA LIAISON: Larry Lansford, communications director, UF College of Education