Happy Homecoming EduGators

Homecoming — A beautiful day that represents more than just a day off from class, but rather, a University of Florida holiday filled with so many age-old traditions, it makes you proud to bleed orange and blue. From Soulfest to Gator Growl, UF Homecoming traditions delight in the diverse culture of our university and our Gainesville community, uniting everyone under the same idea: It’s Great to be a Florida Gator.

This week kicked off with Soulfest on Sunday, a live show that showcases diverse talent and artistic creations from members of our UF and Gainesville communities, along with hosting Multicultural Greek performances, dance teams, musicians and singers. There truly is no limit on the expressions of creativity and inventiveness — something highly valued in this place we call home.

From the pageant that recognizes outstanding Gators to the Gator Gallop, a two-mile homecoming fun run, and the Homecoming Festival, a family-friendly carnival-style event, there are events for past, present and future Gators to enjoy during Homecoming week. Closing out Friday evening will be Gator Growl, the most iconic event of the school year and a UF tradition started more than 90 years ago. What began as “Dad’s Day” and “Friday night pep-rally,” Gator Growl’s history is deeply rooted in the beginnings of UF, much like the College of Education.