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Folio Weekly — Why do some Florida schools still practice paddling?

Folio Weekly 02-23-15 Why do some Florida schools use the medieval practice of paddling? Folio Weekly ran a cover page story about corporal punishment still being used in some Florida schools. The story, which quotes COE special education professor Joe Gagnon, […]

Huffington Post — Why some Florida school principals still spank students

Huffington Post 02/11/15 Why some school principals in Florida still spank students The Huffington Post posted a story quoting UF special education professor Joe Gagnon and other sources about the ineffectiveness and counter-productivity of using corporal punishment on students. The story is based […]

UF researchers call for immediate end to corporal punishment in all Florida schools

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A team of University of Florida researchers is calling for an immediate end to paddling students in all state public schools, citing its new study of classroom disciplinary trends that depicts corporal punishment as violent and outdated, […]

School discipline researcher suggests alternatives to out-of-school suspensions

(In a recent guest column in the Gainesville Sun, titled “Curbing the need to suspend,” retired teacher Greg Marshall applauded local efforts to curb the use of suspension as punishment in public schools. Instead of suspensions, Marshall asserted that by […]

Diversity committee campaign addresses school equity issues

The 11-by-17-inch poster, taped to a women’s bathroom door in Norman Hall, offered a sad-but- true fact about sexual orientation and tolerance–or lack of same–in America’s public schools. The bright orange-and-white poster’s message read: “Did you know. . .Lesbian, gay, […]