The Gainesville Sun, The Tampa Tribune
11-15-13, 11-17-13
Algebra Nation 2.0

Articles in The Gainesville Sun and The Tampa Tribune covered the Nov. 1 release of Algebra Nation 2.0, the update to Algebra Nation, a digital algebra program created by the Lastinger Center for Learning and Study Edge. Boaz Dvir of the Lastinger Center is quoted in the story.

GAINESVILLE SUN: Jamal Sowell, Situational Environmental Circumstances

The Gainesville Sun
Jamal Sowell, Situational Environmental Circumstances program

In a column in the Gainesville Sun, Jamal Sowell, the special assistant to UF President Bernie Machen, discussed educational inequality in Florida and the university’s new mentoring program for at-risk and minority youth. The new College of Education-led project is called Situational Environmental Circumstances.


Math ed professor nominated for Spirit of Gainesville Award

Tim Jacobbe

Tim Jacobbe, a math education professor at UF’s College of Education, and his wife, Elizabeth, were nominees for The Gainesville Sun’s 2012 Spirit of Gainesville Awards.

The awards were announced on Nov. 28.

Now in its second year, the Spirit of Gainesville Awards honor members of the community in five categories: arts, community service, entrepreneurship, medicine and sportsmanship. The Jacobbes have been nominated in the community service category for their involvement in the nonprofit organization Caleb’s Pitch.

Tim Jacobbe founded Caleb’s Pitch in 2009 in memory of his nephew, Caleb Jacobbe, who passed away from cancer at the age of 8. Caleb’s Pitch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating memorable experiences and enhancing the quality of life for children and families confronting serious childhood illnesses. Caleb’s Pitch aims to share the story of Caleb Jacobbe as an inspiration to others through the Caleb Jacobbe Award which is given out by several Division 1 basketball programs across the country.

To learn more about Caleb’s Pitch, please visit