School Psychology

The mission of the School Psychology Program is to prepare school psychology practitioners and scholars who will nurture the psychological and educational development of all children and youth in the pursuit of their well-being.

Program Overview

This is an on-campus program, with a small student-to-faculty ratio, seated in a resource-rich university, serving a diverse surrounding community. That includes opportunities across the continental United States.


Degree Opportunities

Ed.S. students are expected to consume research, to learn and read it, while Ph.D. students are expected to contribute to the research in the field of School Psychology.

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Years to Complete

3 years 6 years

Credit Hours

76 hours 139 hours


Yes, First & Second years
With guidance of a school psychologist
Yes, First & Second years
With guidance of a school psychologist

Advanced Practicum

No Yes, Third year & Beyond
With guidance of a licensed psychologist


Yes, 1 year Yes, 1 year

Research & Dissertation

No Yes

Eligible for Licensure

No Yes, Psychology


Mental health centers, private clinics, hospitals, state agencies, and universities as school psychologist. The same opportunities as Ed.S., but the Ph.D. includes obtaining academic positions at universities.

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)