A Master’s teaching program for career-path changers.

SITE is a learn-by-doing teacher education program that can be completed in a single year. There are no sink or swim scenarios. Students are assigned a one-on-one mentor and placed with a UF coach while they co-teach a K-6 class.

The University of Florida Site-based Implementation of Teacher Education (SITE) Program has received the Innovation in Teacher Education Award by the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators (SRATE).

It’s like your first year of teaching, but with plenty of support along the way.

If you majored in a subject outside of education, or worked professionally in a field outside of teaching, SITE offers training, certification and a degree to get you in front of a classroom after graduation. It’s a learn-by-doing Master’s program that can be completed in a single year.

Students in this program work in an Alachua County school for two semesters while having access to their own mentors, coaches and professors from UF.

Like learning to fly an airplane, students are assigned a one-on-one teacher mentor who can take the steering wheel when there’s trouble. Seminars after the school day provide research-based strategies customized to issues that SITE students face.

Advantages to the University of Florida’s SITE program:

  • You’re getting a Master’s degree along with K-6 certification
  • A two-semester internship is part of the year-long program
  • Lots of personal attention
  • Teaching support
  • A UF coach
  • Active observation

2020 SITE Virtual Graduation Ceremony