A New Principal for a New School

William Burklew (MED ’86, Elementary Ed.) was recently appointed to be principal at the new Meadowbrook Elementary School.  Burklew is a triple EduGator earning his BAE in 1985 with a major in Elementary Education and an EDS in 1996 in Curriculum and Instruction in addition to his MED.

Burklew has served the community as an educator and leader for over 25 years holding positions at Norton Elementary School, and Waldo Community School where he was principal.

Currently, Burklew is principal at Talbot Elementary and is splitting his time between both schools; introducing Talbot’s new principal and working to get Meadowbrook up and running.  He will continue at Talbot through FCAT and teacher evaluations, according to this Gainesville Sun article, and will fully begin his new role at Meadowbrook when the school opens.

Burklew’s wife, Mrs. Lina Burklew is a COE alumnus as well and serves as principal for Irby Elementary School.