Education Career Night: Panelist Highlight

Robert “Bob” McClure; (PhD ‘10, education leadership) is just one of 5 panelists speaking at our annual Education Career Night, next Thurs., FEB 23, from 5-6pm at the Reitz 287.

Dr. McClure is the president and CEO at the James Madison Institute, a nonpartisan, public-policy research organization in Tallahassee. He serves on numerous policy-centered committees and has published at the state and national level on topics such as property rights, tax policy, health care and education reform. McClure is a member of Florida Gov. Scott’s economic advisory council and was appointed by then-Governor Jeb Bush to serve on the Florida Elections Commission. He is involved with several Tallahassee community organizations including the United Way, the Downtown Rotary Club, St. Peter’s Anglican Church and World Class Schools of Leon County.


Education Career Night

Thurs., Feb. 23
Reitz 287

FREE food!   FREE UF stuff!   Doors open at 4:30pm!

Open to all UF students!