Practicum and internship experiences comprise the clinical instruction components of the academic programs for students enrolled in entry-level and doctoral counselor education programs. The purpose of these experiences is to develop students’ skills and professional counselor identities. Clinical instruction is consistent with experiences in mental health counseling (MHC), marriage and family therapy (MFT), and school counseling and guidance (SCG), the three specialty tracks within the Department of Counselor Education. The practicum and internship experiences provide an opportunity for clinical sites and students to benefit from one another, each contributing time and energy in the service of our client populations.

While a majority of clinical sites are in the Alachua County area, relationships may be developed with sites around the State of Florida and around the country.

Steps for Establishing a Clinical Site                                                                              

Professional representatives wishing to establish practicum and internship opportunities at their agencies may follow these steps. At any point, if you have questions, please contact the Clinical Coordination Team at

  1. Review the Site Supervisor Guide to ensure the clinical setting and site supervisor requirements are met by your site;
  2. Submit a Site Information Form to the Clinical Coordination Team;
  3. Submit an electronic copy of a current resume or vita for each Site supervisor via email at; and
  4. Once the above criteria have been met, schedule a site visit with the Clinical Coordination Team. A telephone or video call may be arranged for clinical sites outside of the Alachua County area.

Steps for Maintaining an Active Clinical Site                                   

To maintain current and accurate information, we ask the Site Supervisor to complete the following information at least once per year or any time there are Site Supervisor or agency changes impacting student placement.

  1. Notify the Clinical Coordinator of Site supervisor changes;
  2. Submit a current resume or vita for each new Site supervisor;
  3. Submit annually an updated Site Information Form to the Clinical Coordination Team; and
  4. Schedule an annual site visit with the Clinical Coordination Team.