Ed.D. Program Requirements

Students in the online Teachers, Schools, and Society (TSS) EdD program in Curriculum & Instruction must meet the following minimum requirements. (Note: these are minimum requirements and doctoral committees may require additional credits/tasks.)

  • At least 90 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree
  • Attendance at the summer institutes during the first three summers of the program
  • Successful completion of written and oral qualifying examinations (on-campus attendance for oral examination)
  • Successful proposal and defense of a doctoral dissertation (on-campus attendance for defense)

Students are required to complete coursework in the following areas. (Note: these are minimums in each area and will not total the number of credits needed in the doctoral degree.)

  • TSS Courses: 21+ credits
  • Research Courses: 12-18 credits
  • Advanced Research/Dissertation Research: 18-21 credits
  • Elective (transferred from Masters degree): up to 30 credits

Years 1 and 2

TSS Courses: 

  • EDG 7252: Perspectives in Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Education
  • EDG 7224: Critical Pedagogy
  • EDG 7359: Professional Development and Teacher Learning
  • EDF 6616: Education & American Culture
  • EDG 6930: Schooling and the Marginalization of Students
  • EDG 6017: Writing for Academic Purposes
  • EDG 6047: Teacher Leadership for School Change

Research Courses:

  • EDG 6226: Foundations of Research in Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDG 7982: Practitioner Research: Theory and Practice
  • EDG 6228: Qualitative Research for Practitioner Scholars
  • EDF 6416: Quantitative Methods for Evaluation in Educational Environments
  • EDG 7365: Practitioner Research: Data Collection and Analysis
  • EDG 6931: Conceptualizing Research in Curriculum and Instruction

Years 3 and 4

Advanced Research/Dissertation Research:

  • EDG 7979: Advanced Research (Quals/Capstone) (6 credits)
  • EDG 7980: Dissertation Research (Capstone) (12 credits)