Program Requirements for Ed.D.

Each student in the online EdD program in Curriculum & Instruction specializing in TSS must meet the following minimum requirements. (Please note that these are minimum requirements and doctoral committees may require additional credits/tasks.)

  • At least 90 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree
  • Attendance at the on-campus summer institutes during the first three summer of the program
  • Successful completion of written and oral qualifying examinations (on-campus attendance for oral examination)
  • Successful proposal and defense of a doctoral dissertation (on-campus attendance for defense)

Students are required to complete coursework in the following areas. Again, please note these are minimums in each area and will not total the number of credits needed in the doctoral degree.

  • Courses in TSS: 30 credits
  • Research courses: 12 credits
  • Dissertation: 18 credits (minimum)
  • Elective (transferred in from masters degree): typically 30 hours

Program Requirements

Students can expect to take the following course requirements:

Required Courses in TSS:

  • EDG 7252: Perspectives in CTTE
  • EDG 7359: Professional Development and Teacher Learning
  • EDG 6047: Teacher Leadership for School Change
  • EDF 6616: Education & American Culture
  • EDG 7224: Critical Pedagogy
  • EDG 7303: Teacher Learning and Socialization in Poverty Schools
  • EEX 7787: Issues in School Reform

Research Courses:

  • EDG 6226: Foundations of Research in Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDG 7982: Practitioner Research
  • EDF 6931: Qualitative Research in Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Education
  • EDF 6416: Quantitative Methods for Evaluation in Educational Environments
  • EDG 6931: Practitioner Research II
  • EDG 6931: Conceptualizing Research in Curriculum and Instruction

Dissertation Courses:

  • EDG 7979: Advanced Research (Quals/Capstone) (6+ credits)
  • EDG 7980: Dissertation Research (Capstone) (12+ credits)