Drs. Redding and Curran’s Research Tops Most-Read Lists

Research by UF Educational Leadership and Policy faculty were among the “most-read” articles in the latter half of 2022 across four of the AERA journals, among the most prestigious and influential in the field of education.

AERA Open Most-Read in Latter Half of 2022

Are Achievement Gaps Related to Discipline Gaps? Evidence From National Data 
Pearman, A., Curran, F.C., Fisher, B., & Gardella

Early Elementary Science Instruction: Does More Time on Science or Science Topics/Skills Predict Science Achievement in the Early Grades?
Curran, F.C. & Kitchin, J.

Discretion and Disproportionality: Explaining the Underrepresentation of High-Achieving Students of Color in Gifted Programs
Grissom, J. & Redding, C.


Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis Most-Read in Latter Half of 2022

Do Students in Gifted Programs Perform Better? Linking Gifted Program Participation to Achievement and Nonachievement Outcomes
Redding, C. & Grissom, J.

Do Interactions With School Resource Officers Predict Students’ Likelihood of Being Disciplined and Feelings of Safety? Mixed-Methods Evidence From Two School Districts
Curran, F.C., Viano, S., Kupchik, A., & Fisher, B.


American Educational Research Journal Most-Read in Latter Half of 2022

Leaving School Early: An Examination of Novice Teachers’ Within- and End-of-Year Turnover
Redding, C. & Henry, G.


Review of Educational Research Most-Read in Latter Half of 2022

A Teacher Like Me: A Review of the Effect of Student–Teacher Racial/Ethnic Matching on Teacher Perceptions of Students and Student Academic and Behavioral Outcomes
Redding, C.