2 December, 2010 Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes

Members Attending: Paul Sindelar, Dorene Ross, Tina Smith-Bonahue (ex officio), Jean Crockett, Tracy Linderholm, Dale Campbell, Ruth Lowery, Buffy Bondy, Hazel Jones, Cirecie West-Olatunji

Members not attending: Kathy Long (ex officio)

Follow-up to conversation with Jodi Gentry focused on decisions related to the structure and process of communication with College Deans

  • Paul, Dorene, and Tina have met with the Deans and they are very interested in the process and communicated respect for the process and believe that our work can be beneficial to the college. They communicated concern that we be attentive to the larger context and that faculty continue to be engaged in other on-going committee work of the college. They noted that because the work of BAC would be easier if we had a strategic plan and that difficult decisions may have to be made in the future, it’s very important that people be engaged.
  • Jodi Gentry encouraged us to include the Deans as much as possible to include sharing of reports.
  • In a conference call with Dorene and Paul before the meeting, Kathy Long encouraged interim conversations with the Deans to update them.

The committee discussed the purpose of communication with the Deans:

  • Jodi Gentry wanted clarification about her role in communicating with the Deans. The committee determined that Jodi will share information from written reports and will clarify any questions about the factual information in the report. Any questions beyond that should be directed to the Strategic Planning Committee.
  • The committee noted that the Deans may be invited to participate with work groups where appropriate.
  • Following the retreat, the committee will share the list of work groups and their leaders and request that the Deans help us identify what ever information might be helpful to each work group.
  • Two forms of communication with the Deans are considered important:
    • Send copies of all written reports.
    • Have Tina, Paul, and Dorene meet with the Deans to provide reports when appropriate.

Pre-retreat communication with faculty:

  • Prior to the meeting Jodi will send some preview questions to faculty and a general agenda for the meeting.
  • She will include a brief introduction of herself and her prior experience.
  • Jodi will be invited to meet with the committee on the 16th to give us a sense of the next steps.