SPHE On-Campus M.Ed. Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GRE required for admissions?

The Student Personnel in Higher Education master’s program does NOT require a submission of Graduate Records Examination (GRE) scores.

What is the cost of attending?

The current graduate tuition and fees for the University of Florida can be found here.

Who gets invited to Visitation Days?

Visitation Days for the University of Florida on-campus SPHE program are by invitation only. After the deadline for application to the SPHE program has passed, the faculty will review the application materials and make a preliminary decision as to whom to invite to Visitation Days. Only candidates invited to Visitation Days will continue to be considered for admission into the on-campus SPHE program.

With the invitation to attend Visitation Days, candidates will be sent a list of available graduate assistantships and position descriptions, as well as travel and accommodation materials. Current students, the program coordinator, and representatives from the division of student affairs all work together to assist you and make your visit to campus as beneficial as possible. It is very important that you get the chance to get to know us and the University of Florida and for us to get to know you!

How many assistantships can I preference?

Candidates are encouraged to preference as many assistantships/positions as possible. While candidates often choose to go into student affairs with a specific field in mind, the University of Florida offers a diverse number of assistantships that you may not be familiar with prior to coming to campus. Additionally, an area/field that may not appeal to you on your home campus, may appeal to you here. It is always a good idea to come to campus and get more information before making a decision.

Once we receive your assistantship preferences, we will share your resume with the hiring supervisor(s) of the position(s) you preference.  The supervisor will then determine which candidates to interview at Visitation Days. While we will work to get your interview schedule to you in advance of Visitation Days, you will receive your interview schedule no later than the day prior to interviews.

What if I cannot attend Visitation Days, but I still want to interview for a graduate assistantship/position?

We encourage every candidate to attend Visitation Days. You will be spending two intense and exciting years learning and growing professionally with us and it is important for you to visit campus, get to know us, get to meet your potential cohort members, and allow us to get to know you. Further, assistantship selection is competitive. Having the opportunity to interact with supervisors and professionals within the offices you might work is incredibly helpful for both you and them to make decisions.

What’s the difference between a graduate assistantship and a graduate position?

Graduate Assistantships cover 9 credit hours of tuition for fall and spring, pay a stipend, and include some health insurance. Graduate Positions are funded differently than assistantships and vary in the type of remuneration package offered. All positions include a stipend. Make sure you read the position descriptions carefully to see what is included.

Does a tuition waiver cover the cost of all of my classes?

Not quite.  If you receive a waiver, it will cover 9 credit hours for fall and 9 credit hours for spring, each year you have the waiver. During the summer between your first and second year of the program, you will complete your first internship. Our students have been very successful in securing highly competitive internships through ACUHO-I, NODA, and other national internship processes. As a result, our students are often placed in a variety of positions all over the country at a wide variety of colleges and universities, which is incredibly beneficial for them professionally.

For the summer internship, students are required to register for a 5-credit internship and the 1-credit group supervision course, which are held online to allow students to be in a variety of locations geographically. Since students are not employed in their assistantships/positions during the summer term (which allows them to get a variety of professional experiences), the tuition waiver does not cover these 6-credit hours. Therefore, students are responsible for paying for those hours.

When will admission decisions be made?

There are two critical elements to the SPHE student experience, the academic experience and the professional work experience. Admission decisions for the academic program are made by the faculty with feedback about professional potential from the assistantship supervisors. However, assistantship/position supervisors determine to whom they will offer positions. It is our aim to make admissions and hiring decisions quickly after Visitation Days and to contact candidates very soon thereafter. Our program adheres to the Council of Grad Schools April 15 Resolution

Are there graduate assistantships available for the on-campus M.Ed. program?

There are many graduate assistantships and positions available for on-campus SPHE master’s students. These positions are located throughout the University of Florida Division of Student Affairs, and the academic colleges. Additionally, we also offer assistantships/positions at Santa Fe College as well, allowing students to experience student affairs within a community college setting. Full admission into the on-campus SPHE program is contingent upon the candidate securing a Graduate Assistantship or other position due to the “theory-to-practice” nature of the program.

Is there financial aid available for this program?

Students are encouraged to apply to the UF Office for Student Financial Affairs for assistance with loans, grants, and fellowships. In cooperation with the UF Division of Student Affairs and Santa Fe College, several graduate assistantships/positions are available in such areas as orientation, residence life, career services, student activities, Greek life, multicultural programs, etc. On-campus interviews for these positions will take place at the SPHE Visitation Days. Many of these positions come with a tuition waiver, which covers 9 hours of tuition each fall and spring semester.