Alayna Calhoun, a UF Unified Elementary ProTeach preservice student, was recently recognized as a David Watts Scholar. Elizabeth Currin, her supervisor, nominated Calhoun for her dedication as a student teacher during her time as a distant intern as well as her passion for students and the art of teaching.

David Watts Scholars are chosen annually by the the state that is hosting the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators (SRATE) Conference; this year, it is hosted by the Florida Association of Teacher Educators (FATE). Students are selected because of their potential to follow the legacy of David Watts, a teacher and educator who devoted his life to education through hard work, mutual respect among other professionals and courage to fight for what is right. His life and what he stood for remains an important aspect of SRATE and their goals for the future of education.

Scholars are recognized as outstanding future educators, but they also receive the opportunity to be among and work with esteemed members of the education profession at the SRATE Conference. Watts Scholars receive the award as well as $500, which is to be used to assist with travel and room expenses.

The 2018 SRATE conference was scheduled for Oct.11-13 at Florida State University’s Panama City campus, however, the conference was canceled due to the threat of Hurricane Michael.

Alayna Calhoun