Donielle Geoffrion was recently awarded the Florida Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (FACES) Graduate Student Scholarship Opportunity.
This year marked the beginning of the annual Graduate Student Scholarship Essay Opportunity. It allowed two graduate students, one master’s and one doctoral, to be selected to receive compensation for registration to 2018 the Florida Council Association (FCA) Convention in Tampa, Florida (Oct. 5-6) as well as a one-year student membership to the FCA.
FACES is a division of FCA for professional counselors who are involved in counselor education and/or clinical supervision. The organization gives educators and clinical supervisors multiple member benefits such as networking, participation in professional development activities, publishing and leadership opportunities and socialization with others involved in the field.
The 69th Annual Florida Counseling Association Convention took place Oct. 5-6 in Tampa, Florida at the USF Embassy Suites. This year’s theme was “Celebrating Diversity: Counselors as Leaders, Advocates and Voices for Marginalized Individuals.”

Donielle Geoffrion