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OER presents relevant research-related articles from the IES Blog Newsflash. Topics include improving outcomes for diverse learners, real-world education solutions, literacy development, and supporting early-career education researchers.

Comparing College-Based to Conventional Transition Approaches for Improving Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities

In this blog, Drs. Meg Grigal and Clare Papay discuss their research exploring the college-based approach for supporting students with disabilities in successful post-secondary outcomes.

It Takes a Village: Supporting the Next Generation of Education Researchers

In this blog, Dr. Guadalupe Carmona, who leads the P20 Pathways to Education Research Training program at the University of Texas at San Antonio, shares her career journey and advice on supporting the next generation of education researchers.

Meeting the Needs of Students in Real World Education Settings

In this blog, Dr. Michael Mesa discusses his past experiences using behavioral interventions, his current research on small-group interventions, and recommendations for early career researchers and improving the field’s ability to support students from diverse communities.

A Bilingual Perspective on Literacy Development

In this interview blog, Dr. María Carlo describes her background and career journey and the need for more research on bilingualism.

Language Equity Matters: Recognizing the Incredible Potential of Bilingual Learners

In this blog, Dr. Aída Walqui, director of the IES-funded National Research & Development Center to Improve Education for Secondary English Learners, discusses how her background and experiences shaped her career and her work on language equity for minoritized populations.

Six Strategies for Effectively Communicating Research Findings to Decision Makers

This blog provides six strategies for preparing research briefs that were identified through an IES-funded partnership project between the Virginia Department of Education and the University of Virginia.

Connecting to Place and People: How My Experiences with Native American Communities Motivate My Work

In this blog, Dr. Tabitha Stickel shares her experiences working with adult education programs in Native American tribal lands and how it has shaped her work and purpose.