Newly Funded Awards – June 2023

Principal Investigator: F. Chris Curran (SHDOSE)

Co-PI: Kathryn Chapman (SESPECS), Patricia Snyder (AZCEECS/SESPECS)

Funding Agency: Columbia University (Subcontract – Heising-Simons Foundation Flow Through)

Project Title: Early Childhood Policy in Institutes of Higher Education – Fellowships

Project Period: 7/1/2023 – 6/30/2025

Award Amount: $102,080 

Principal Investigator: Zandra de Araujo (Lastinger Center)

Co-PI: N/A

Funding Agency: School Board of Seminole County

Project Title: SCPS Instructional Coaching 2023-24

Project Period: 7/1/2023 – 6/30/2024

Award Amount: $24,000

Principal Investigator: Philip Poekert (Lastinger Center)

Co-PI: Paige Pullen (Lastinger Center)

Funding Agency: Florida Department of Education (Subcontract – DHHS Flow Through)

Project Title: New Worlds Micro-Credential Stipends

Project Period: 6/7/2023 – 7/31/2024

Award Amount: $30,000,000

Principal Investigator: Paige Pullen (Lastinger Center)

Co-PI: N/A

Funding Agency: School District of Manatee County

Project Title: Manatee County SOR and Small Group Materials 2023

Project Period: 6/15/2023 – 7/15/2023

Award Amount: $20,000