International Grants

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Continuous/RollingDepartment of StateSaudi American Educational and Cultural Initiative GrantWeblink
Continuous/RollingSimons FoundationTargeted Grants in Mathematics and Physical Sciences Policies and ProceduresWeblink
Continuous/RollingFondation CHANEL, CHANEL Corporate FoundationCall for ProposalsWeblink
Continuous/RollingGlobal Innovation Fund GrantsWeblink
Continuous/RollingDepartment of StateAnnual Program Statement – Public Diplomacy Programs with ChileWeblink
Continuous/RollingDepartment of State25th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between the United States and VietnamWeblink
Continuous/RollingDepartment of StateU.S. Embassy KAMPALA PAS Request for Statements of Interest: Annual Program StatementWeblink
Continuous/RollingAga Khan FoundationGrantsWeblink
Continuous/RollingDepartment of StatePAS Yerevan Small Grants ProgramWeblink
04/07/2021Agency for International DevelopmentBasic Education Quality and Transition to Lower Secondary ActivityWeblink
04/08/2021Agency for International DevelopmentUSAID Partnership for Higher Education ReformWeblink
04/12/2021Agency for International DevelopmentRemedial Education Activity in ZambiaWeblink
04/15/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy Helsinki Small Grants ProgramWeblink
04/15/2021Department of StateU.S. Mission in Uganda Public Diplomacy Annual Program StatementWeblink
04/15/2021Department of StateAlumni Engagement Innovation Fund ProgramWeblink
04/15/2021Department of StateEducationUSA Singapore PartnershipWeblink
04/15/2021Agency for International DevelopmentSchool Feeding Activity IIIWeblink
04/18/2021Department of State2021 Alumni Engagement Innovation FundWeblink
04/18/2021; 05/18/2021Department of StatePAS Belgrade Annual Program Statement (FY2021)Weblink
04/22/2021Agency for International Development USAID’s Shobai Miley Shikhi (Everyone Learns Together) ActivityWeblink
04/28/2021Department of StateGrant Opportunities for Leading Business Communication in English Program in Northern JapanWeblink
04/30/2021Department of StateU.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help FundWeblink
04/30/2021Department of StateBold Academic Fellowships ProgramWeblink
04/30/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy Panama Public Diplomacy Small Grants ProgramWeblink
04/30/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy Santo Domingo – Public Diplomacy Annual Program StatementWeblink
05/01/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy, Conakry- PD Annual Program StatementWeblink
05/03/2021Agency for International DevelopmentCommunities REsilient to DIsinformation Building Local Engagement (CREDIBLE) Addendum to APS 7200AA20APS00007 Youth Power 2Weblink
05/04/2021Department of StateIndo-Pacific Academic CompetitionWeblink
05/04/2021Department of StateTraining workshops for girls and young women to counter online predatorsWeblink
05/04/2021 Department of StatePromoting Gender Equality by Addressing Gender Disparities in Popular Indian Films and the Film IndustryWeblink
05/04/2021Agency for International DevelopmentGender Inequity in Artificial Intelligence ActivityWeblink
05/09/2021Department of StateUnderstanding U.S. Foreign Policy and U.S.-India RelationsWeblink
05/10/2021Department of StatePAS Belgrade English Language Small Grants (FY2021)Weblink
05/10/2021Department of StateFY 2021 Youth Leadership Programs with Algeria, Iraq, the Philippines, and RussiaWeblink
05/11/2021Agency for International DevelopmentFoundational Literacy for Improved Educational Resilience (FLIER)Weblink
05/14/2021Department of StateRio de Janeiro Annual Program StatementWeblink
05/16/2021Department of StateOpportunity Grants ProgramWeblink
05/24/2021Agency for International DevelopmentHigher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI)Weblink
05/24/2021Department of StateFY 2021 Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders from the Western HemisphereWeblink
05/24/2021Department of StateFY 2021 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Academic FellowshipWeblink
05/25/2021Department of StateVirtual U.S. University and Alumni FairWeblink
05/27/2021Department of StateFY 2021 U.S. Exchange Alumni Network and Capacity Building ProgramWeblink
05/31/2021Department of StateAmerican Center Technology ClubWeblink
05/31/2021Department of StateWomen’s Empowerment ClubWeblink
05/31/2021Department of StateIncrease Girls’ Access to AthleticsWeblink
06/01/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy Brasilia Public Affairs Section Annual Program Statement FY 2021Weblink
06/01/2021Department of StateSharing America with RussiaWeblink
06/01/2021Department of StateAnnual Program StatementWeblink
06/01/2021Department of StateSame PlanetWeblink
06/01/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy Juba PAS Annual Program StatementWeblink
06/11/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy Managua-Annual Program StatementWeblink
06/15/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy Banjul PAS Annual Program StatementWeblink
06/30/2021Department of StatePublic Affairs ItalyWeblink
08/05/2021Department of StateAnnual Program Statement – Public Diplomacy Programs with ChileWeblink
08/09/2021Department of StateHigher Education and STEM Virtual Grant ProgramWeblink
09/20/2021Department of StateU.S. Embassy KL PAS Annual Program StatementWeblink