University Council on Teacher Education (UCOTE)

UCOTE Mission

The University Council on Teacher Education’s mission is to explore and discuss trends, improvements, and possibilities in professional education and to insure that UF remain at the forefront of scholarship and practice in educator preparation. UCOTE meets this mission through:

  1. Developing policies in all unit-wide matters relating to educator-preparation programs.
  2. Monitoring state and national policies and overseeing how the unit implements state and national accreditation standards.
  3. Advocating for educator preparation programs in the university and state.
  4. Creating collaborations among the university, P-12 education partners, and other external state and national education constituencies.
  5. Promoting collaborations across UF colleges and department especially related to professional educator preparation programs.
  6. Working to create and maintain partnerships with public schools, school districts, and other groups that help improve the quality of education and educator preparation in the state.

UCOTE Minutes


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2011-2012 UCOTE Members


University of Florida Members

  • Buffy Bondy, School Director, School of Teaching & Learning, College of Education
  • Dale Campbell, School Director, HDOSE
  • Elayne Colón, Director of Assessment and Accreditation, College of Education
  • Suzanne Colvin, Associate Director of Teacher Education, STL, College of Education
  • Penny Cox, Associate Director, SESPECS, College of Education
  • Jean Crockett, School Director, SESPECS, College of Education
  • Tom Dana, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Education
  • Catherine Emihovich, Dean, College of Education
  • Margaret Fields, Assistant Dean for Research and Development, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Bernard Mair, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
  • Russell Robinson, Music Education, College of Fine Arts
  • Ed Schaefer, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, College of Fine Arts
  • Andrew Thoron, Agricultural Education & Communication, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Edil Torres-Rivera, Associate Director, HDOSE, College of Education
  • Elaine Turner, Associate Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • Theresa Vernetson, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Services, College of Education


Updated 6/2011

Community and School Members

  • Jim Brandenburg, Principal, Alachua Elementary School
  • Jeff Charbonnet, Principal, Eastside High School
  • Lynda Hayes, Director, PK Yonge
  • Marisa Ramirez Stuckey, Curriculum Coordinator, PK Yonge

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